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Just a phoenix. There I drew him in his more elegant version, a little like swams are. Next time I'll try do make it more dangerous, in a shape of an eagle.

It's my first time to draw something totaly without the outlines, it was kinda harder then... But I like the result and this big contrast of his feathers and the black background ^^ In one option I tryied to make more flames behind him, but It looked to messy so I left it in this simple form.
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LOvely. Flames are perfect. I love the gold on black - makes me think of the Russian firebird, rather than the phoenix (although they're linked, obv.)
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to jest śliczne ♥.♥ do ulubionych z tym ^^
mam pytanie - mogę to trochę poszerzyć, żeby się ramka zmieściła i zrobić sobie prezentację na howrse? nikomu nie sprzedam i zamieszczę na niej link do twojego DA. ploossee *słodkie oczka*
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niestety z howrse mam ostatnio tyle kłopotów, że geenralnie nie pozwalam mtam używać czegokolwiek z mojej galerii. Mogę wtedy jednym słowem wyjaśniać, co należy zgłaszać moderatorom - wszystko :(
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szkoda, bo naprawdę przepięknie ci wyszedł :)
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Very beautiful detail! I love how the fire can be seen but how it doesn't take away from the detail in the bird! Very epic!
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most beautiful phoenix I've ever seen. :love:
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It's just so amazing
From the fires of destruction,I rise again...Is what this beautiful bird called Phoenix seems to be saying. Well done
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I love this as well. The Phoenix is a amazing creature.
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so beautiful!I love your drawing style
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Awesome! Loved the black and fiery colours ^-^
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GREAT CONCEPT! Love the design and how the pose is worked out
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thats beautiful. i adore phoenix, and this is one of the best ive seen =o
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Messy?? I don't think so. You got a perfect result on creating flame shades, they got such an amazing movement. Wonderful job!! :clap:
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This is a beautiful piece of art.. Rich in gold..
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beautiful... similar to my perception of Žar ptica or Żar ptak as you say it in Polish... :D
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Beautiful. May I use this as a desktop?
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Thank you, and you can use this in this way, It's only a compliment :)
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