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Fields of Gold

By AonikaArt
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Commissioned YCH for :iconxetsaphoto:

Thank you so much for taking part in this auction, I hope you'll like the result :heart:  personally I had great time finishing it with your characters :glomp: From left: Pangur Ban - the gypsy vanner and Marcus the shire horse.

... I once painted one of these characters, the Pangur Ban. Take a look at it and notice 6 years of improvement :aww:
(omg the time is REALLY passing so fast! :faint:)


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Exquisite beyond words <3 So beautiful!

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Where, O, Death, is your Sting?

   Is it in the Fields of Gold,
where we walked beneath the gently smiling Sun?
Sol had no soul with which to see,
Luna had no heart to break,
yet both were perfectly content to be.

Where, O Song, is your Sound?

   Was it in the crash of thunder, the scream of lightning
   the burning bush alight?
Was it in panic and smoke and choking breaths
that faded into sleep?

Where is your Bite?
Scorpions lurk in the desert,
                                          or so I've heard;
never far do I roam from my plain.

Buffalo gals dance 'neath the moon,
and silver gilds my loves' faces
children wake at sunny day break
and at night,

the coydog howls so lonely

for even Brother Coyote fears
to sign with the Wolves.
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Beautiful deep color, splendid depiction of anatomy, great composition and poses.
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God, I LOVE your work
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Są cudowne <3
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This is amazing... something about this piece is so soothing! O_O :love:
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Zakochałam się. :heart: Szkic podobał mi się od zawsze, a wykończenie jest świetne! :heart:
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Dude that one marking on Pangur looks like the silhouette of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I can't unsee it lol
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Beautiful! I really love this one. (And now, I will have a certain song in my mind for DAYS!! XD)
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the stallion is really beautiful La la la la Heart 
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I want a horse so bad. but it would probably step on me and kill me.
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That is out of nature for a horse to do, so don't worry about that. Focus on learning about horses in the first place.
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I'm just saying my luck would be that bad.
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If you think so, maybe :)
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<3 Such a stunning and amazing picture. I really love it
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this is so amazingly beautiful!!!
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Looks awesome! Especially the shire is great. Amazing shading on that one! :aww:
And your improvement is nice too.
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They're just amazing! =D
I just love this drawing! It's wonderful! :heart:
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Gosh your illustrations always turn out so gorgeous, I specially love how smooth and glossy the horses' coats look. The only thing the bothers me, though, is that the white patches on the first horse's hind leg look very sloppy. That keeps stealing my attention from the rest of the picture because it doesn't match nor blend in with your realistic style at all, specially given how the spotty patch right under it seems way smoother in comparison. Other than that this still looks absolutely stunning regardless, you did a wonderful job!
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