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Female poses chart


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DISCLAIMER: Please use it as an inspiration/reference for your artwork. Do not create bases, YCHs and photomanipulations from it. Do not trace. Thank you and enjoy!

05/07/2017 UPDATED 
Full size avaiable in 'resources' on my Patreon


Ideas for poses and a little training of skills. I just like to draw female body :)
Use these as an inspiration if you're looking for some. You do not need to credit me, yet it will be nice if you do.

more from the series:
Exercises - poses chart by Aomori Male poses chart by Aomori


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Hi! I used one of them as a pose reference here :)

[Sapphire Elegance] Laegrinna (Shirt Cut Meme)
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Somebody GIVE me a girl squat back side veiw please!!

Hey is there a way i can purchase a copy of this? I love it! I’m not on Patreon

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The nostalgic poses

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Hey wow 2 of these got used exactly in a Clothes design 2 years later! And a third was mirrored. 8-)
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Lovely poses. I'd like to use them as refs for characters in my commissions. 
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I used one of these references. I've got another one too I'll be posting in a bit!

Mature Content

Fk You by emoturtlefrk

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These are really well done! I see that this is old but would it be alright I use this as a reference for my own artwork? I'm trying to get the female figure down! <:
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I know I'm not the artist, but the description says that it's okay to use as reference and inspiration as long as you don't trace or make bases. Which is a cool thing of an artist to do. ^_^
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is it okay i use it and i know i must put credit you made that art
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Hello~ I work in a program called MMD (a 3D modeling and animating program) and was wondering if I could use these poses in the program and redistribute them for people to download and use. There will be no commercial or profit use of this content or the remakes of the poses I do. I will credit you for the references, take your time getting back to me~ 
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I don't know your rules on reposting of artwork, but I found this and thought I should report it to you?…
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Excellent work
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thank you so much! i never could draw any kinds of these poses without you! :) I dont know how to down pictures sorry... also are we able to post what we referenced off these on our deviant profile?? with credit to you of course!  
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Thanks a lot for the references!
I used one of them in this drawing:
Year of the dog by MarjoleinB

I edited the legs a bit to make it more dynamic, i hope that is okay with you ^^
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Umm, I'm pretty sure this artwork belongs to Kate-FoX. I've seen it and some of *your* other drawings on her profile and hers date much earlier than yours. If this isn't your artwork, you shouldn't claim it is. And I'm quite certain it is not yours. 
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team rocket, thats fucked up to accuse someone of that and to be so wrong!! I went and found the pose studies from that artist you claim he stole from. Its very clearly not the same shit at all! 
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Firstly, you don't need to use foul language to get your point across. And no, you probably did not find the pose studies because I can tell this is the same pose study. I just don't know how to paste an image on here. And I wasnt reporting anything, I just said it seemed like the same piece. You don't need to angrily respond like that.
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Well, I wonder... I know that Kate-Fox posts a lot of pose studies like this one, but to me this style seems a little different than hers and I wasn't able to find this one specifically on her page. Maybe it just happens to bear a similarity due to the nature of the work? If you can find some direct links to the artwork you're talking about, that would help to narrow it down a little more.
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I have the image downloaded but how do you paste on here?
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Ok... it looks like you have to add the image to your, then when you go to comment just click the "Add Media" button on the bottom left. Then, near the top of the box that comes up, click on "" and you can add your image from there.

For instance, here's an image that was in my

Watercolor Tiger by SolarisStudios   
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Butt-cheeks are just the part where the legs connect to the torso.
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aren't you supposed to draw from real people?
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