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Exercises - poses chart


* Please use it as an inspiration/reference for your drawings/painting or for learning purposes. Do not create bases and photomanipulations from it. Thank you *

You can use the arts done with my poses anywhere and do not need to credit me.


Third sheet of poses - some more action this time! Workout, fight stances, dance... and rest after our model got tired ;D

Use it as inspiration if you're looking for some. Just please do not trace from it. I also wouldn't like to see bases done with poses that are just copied/pasted onto new file.

more from the series:


I have not used any reference for those drawing so there can appear some mistakes, I'm aware of most of them. I hope so 8D It was just a training of skills.
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Hey. I just discovered your page on here, and I have to say, these sketches are awesome! The anatanomy is spot on and the proportions are better than what I draw(try looking at my page and see what I mean). Art like this drives me to be a better artist!
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great references, ^u^ i used the second pose in this art oi drew:
  Sonata by Mizu-no-kimi
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you rock, thanks! makes my fleshing out some public domain characters quickly a hell of a lot easier :)
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AoniKaArt thank you for sharing your pose sheet 😃 😎
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Wonderful overall. Wish I had this skill. I have a question, are the boobs small or just not very floppy? Wanted to know.
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Nice. Good proportions.
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2'nd: Walk like Egiptian. :D
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Why are the boobs like, made of bone? Just, as someone with this breast shape I feel like they should have less structure.
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Some Action Poses Chart By Aomori-d37hnt8 by TheNekomataofAZ  Aside from some boob physics tho, the poses are pretty great. If this is unhelpful or unsociable of me to post, feel free to delete the comment thread as I mean no ill will.
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Awesome, very nice posing.
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Ugh, people need to stop using these listen THEY ARE CHEATING! and you simply need to learn these on you're own how to draw poses right, mkay.
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Uh, referencing isn't cheating, there isn't anything wrong with using references, in fact using references could improve your art (for example in my case; improve my anatomy).
UndertaleCool's avatar
How your stealing the idea of the art in the first place making it unoriginal!
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Also, it's not the idea that's used as a reference, more or less its usually the pose or anatomy, not the main idea itself.

It won't hurt to do some research every once in a while, sweetheart ;)
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Yeah your copying the pose stealing its originality!
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Last one, if your mindset is that using references is cheating, then that's just like saying a chef using a cookbook is "cheating" which is just... Stupid.
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Hon, referencing requires no stealing whatsoever.

You're just referencing, not tracing, there's a huge difference.
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