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Emerald eyes

Something different for :icondaresta: this time - a portrait of a horse <3 Still staying in my comfort colour theme, I simply love combination of grey and this blue/green.

It was such a nice thing to paint that I pushed myself  a little more with details. I may stick to this for my future equine artworks...? Okay, now let me be happy that I was able to finish something at last! :D

If you wonder what is going on with me - I fell that I'd need about 48 hours per day to do all the things I'd would like to do. I am finding a little time for some drawing, some playing (yay for Witcher 3! This game is amazing, I really feel like drawing some Ciri/Geralt fanart <3) and some reading. I hope you all are doing well! Take care :hug:


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aw so adorbiful <3

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I love your horses, they are absolutely amazing! 
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Aww :heart: This is flawless. I love all the little details like the hair off the muzzle. Those eyes really catch my attention. Beautiful job!
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omg so Beautiful white horse :love: 
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Beautiful artwork ! :)
It's so beautiful!
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Wow, awesome work!
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This is beautiful, I love the colours too.
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Very nicely done.
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Wonderful work! :clap:
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Wonderful composition and texture of the muscles under hide and pelt.  The ears are tremendous and the face is exacting without being stiff.  It's really a tremendous portrait.
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Love the eyes :)
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Talk about details! :faint: The little fuzzies on the head and face hair and omg the eye highlights! We're not worthy lol.
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This is so beautiful and realistic. :love:
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I always wonder what an equines head would look like if their eyes faced forward, and they had a larger brain case. I started a sketch once but I'm not sure I liked the outcome. I mean, they would have to look different if they became sentient, right?

Still, it's great seeing more equine at again. I've always loved the way you use color and value to bring these animals to life. :)
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.....why the long face?

Dignity Laugh 
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wooow love the eyes :la:
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