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01 - Czarna in the lake

First illustration for :icondaresta: story
For any details about plot and characters feel free to ask her, she can explain a lot more than I.

Czarna - elven woman, mentor and best friend of our main heroine from the story.

Why is she in the lake? Wearing a dress? - it is just a scene from a dream.

Traditional sketch colored in photoshop. I'm going to do all illustrations in this style, like paintings in some old books :)

I'm not sure if all 22 illustrations will appear in my gallery, maybe just some of them... Anyway, enjoy :aww:

I designed clothes for main characters of the illustrations. I did not wanted to spam you with too many arts at the same time so if you would like to take a look at the designs click below:


Other illustrations:


story & characters (c) ~Daresta

Art is (c) Monika "Aomori" Kodrzycka
please do not use my artworks anywhere without my permission. Thanks.
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beyond gorgeous
Reteka320's avatar
love it!!! the clothes, pose, and scene is just perfect :)
Aliskus's avatar
Oh my god so beautiful girl and so beautiful draw!!
Grace-Julia's avatar
This is beautiful! I'm looking at all of them. So wonderful.
Siehorse's avatar
Why is she in a pond with her clothes on?!
AonikaArt's avatar
because it is a dream
DarkDelusion's avatar
You draw people so well! I love the expression on this piece
Ginger-love's avatar
she is so pretty :)
voissane's avatar
Wow, your style is amazing, so clean and cute :)
What's the meaning of her name, do you know (since she's not your story)?
AonikaArt's avatar
'Czarna' means 'black' in english :) Because she had black hair, our main heroine gave her this nickname
voissane's avatar
Oh, I see ^^
Thank you for teling me. Now you're making me more and more curious about this story :)
the-redowl's avatar
I love how 'simple' this is -the similar colours, the lines, the way you've done the plants (I love the rushes :love:)
Czarna look so pretty, and I love the design of her dress :heart::heart:
Elyra-Coacalina's avatar
Mmmh !!! I love you monochrome drawings too !!! :clap:
LittleHercy's avatar
This is absolutly beautiful!!
I love how you do backgrounds and the ripples in the water. I cant fault it. :huggle:
Celleno's avatar
She's beautiful! I like the design of her dress and how the background almost seems to frame here. This still you're using is very cool and has a nice texture to it. I hope you'll at least continue to put up a few illustrations here and there because they're so fun.
juneonnaise's avatar
im researching fairies. this is the stuff
Antheacornalynn's avatar
It looks lovely! I love the idea of doing it like paintings in old books! =D Her dress is really beautiful by the way! :love:
Mikesi12's avatar
jest cudowna, taka tajemnicza :heart:
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Elven women czego można chcieć więcej?
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