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Deadly Rainbows and Sparkles <-- [link]
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The rainbow, it is awesome and this is a stamp for those that love the rainbow and all its glory.

A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere. They take the form of a multicoloured arc, with red on the outer part of the arch and violet on the inner section of the arch.

Rainbow Wiki Article: [link]
Colour/Rainbow meanings:
Raiinbow Mythology:
Rainbow Flags:
How the rainbow is relevant to Aomi Armster is basically the demon's use of sorcery, the rainbow helped Aomi get the hang of mastering elemental spells and then it became a part of Aomi's wardrobe such as earrings and bracelets(they store magic). Pretty & deadly. Yeah...demons using rainbows to maul and maim :eager:
Aomi also wields electricity/lightning and ice/most states of water.
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[link] <-- Catboy Rainbow Rave
[link] <-- Little Aomi Disco Stamp
[link] <-- Bleeding Rainbow Stamp
[link] <-- I make Sparkles & Rainbows DEADLY.
[link] <--- Two Demons in Rainbow vortex.
Some Rainbow Avatars:
[link] <--- Aomi Annhilation Rainbow
[link] <-- Rainbow Rage
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Hi-I'm just starting out in graphic design and wanted to tell you you're work is amazing.