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Princess-Of-Zombies Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hello I have seen many people making fun of your oc Aome-Chan and if she is still like what they say she is then, I won't fight and I find it ok to do multi shipping, maybe a few redesigns are required but that's ok you can change your oc as much as you want! Hopefully you don't get tons of hate and if you do I can support you a bit, maybe we can become friends. I'm always up for a new friend
aomehigurashi258 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Professional Digital Artist

Thanks for the support and concern, I value it very much  n_n
Princess-Of-Zombies Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
your welcome

I see you hid my constructive critique. If you had read my critique, thanks for reading, I assumed you would block me. I would have had my theory proven wrong if you had at least replied, but I guess it's just as I assumed. Oh well. I know you're probably moving the mouse over to the "block user" and "hide comment" options, but just hear me out please.

You once proclaimed that you believe in second chances, if that's the case, then please live up to your word by listening and giving those who are trying to help you a second chance. No one's demanding you to change Aome now, but definitely put some thought into it.


I might have been off in one of my critiques, so I'm dropping the 'Name is Spanish for Kagome' thing since I was mentioned that it's otherwise.


1) Like I had previously stated about her Genin wardrobe, the basic design of her Mandarin gown is passable. But if you can make it stand out from Sakura Haruno's Genin outfit, it will make Aome that much more embellished. Just changing the color doesn't change the fact it's still a copy of Sakura's. It's like if someone changed a banana to purple, it's still a banana just colored differently. I have seen how you've changed her Chunin outfit about two times before you made the one she wears now. Think about how much better 12-13 year old Aome would look if you modified her from her old look.


2) As I said before about her hair, the style is fine, but stick to the one-toned hair color.


3) I still feel like her fire woman form needs to be dropped simply because it's easily compared to Naruto's Chakra Mode and it's only unique to him. Uchiha's are only known for their Sharingans. But don't feel bad, this can be fixed with some research and you don't have to give her any special techniques if you don't want to.


4) I know you hear this enough, but your team is still hard to take seriously. Anything that's set in stone for Canons can’t be altered by the fans. Again; Gaara was already in a team with his siblings from the Sand Village, Deidara is from the Stone and didn't exist until Shippuden when he was revealed to be an Akatsuki member , and Tsunade didn't appear until later and had to start on her role as Hokage. Because of the fact that Gaara and Deidara were ripped from their villages and were taken to the Leaf for the sole purpose of being Aome's teammates, realistically this team would have segregation problems. At the time, none of the Five Great Nations were on good terms with one another. And again, Gaara disappears from the Shippuden show most of the time because he's Kazekage and he has important businesses to attend to in his own village. For Naruto fan characters, they ought to have fan-made teammates. I know that means more OCs, and it's a pain. But if you don't feel like creating OCs, there are adoptables to look into if you know where to look.


5) If a character is a fan character, they must have a fan-made family. Like I said before, it's fine to put her in an already existing clan; it's just not a good idea to put her into an extinct clan like the Uchihas. And it's not a good idea to relate her to main characters like Sasuke. Sasuke is the only survivor of that clan and his only sibling was Itachi, and if your character just pops up, it isn't very believable when focusing on Canon.


6) I'm not expecting you to drop the idea all together but just a suggestion, you should try to make a second version of her ending. You can keep your fanship ending if you want, I have no say in the matter, but make an alternate ending for her that's non-Canon.


There comes a time in every artist's life where they get sick of their character and/or the controversy. Change is not necessarily a bad thing, I know you think otherwise but give it a try one day and see for yourself. You might be surprised.

Take it from me, I've created OCs that started off shoddy. But one day when I rebooted them, I grew to love them and their new looks more than I did before. If you love your fan character now, think about how much you'll love her when you modify her; think how much more you'll love her when she is TRULY your own creation.


You need to be more open to criticism. Keep in mind, I'm not going straight at you with harsh words or anything but I will say this, you need to start taking people's criticisms instead of writing them off as "trolls" or "antis" just because you don't like what they say.

Yes, there are those people who seem to attack you for what you did in the past, but I'm sure you'll find out one day that maybe the criticism on your artwork and character could help you improve upon your work.

It makes you look like the bad guy if you start flagging comments as spam and blocking innocent people, even if it's all a misunderstanding. Be kinder to others, even if they might come off as rude. How you respond to help isn't a reflection on them, it's a reflection on you.

So all I'm trying to say is, don't linger in the past. Don't look at the future, just think about the here and now. A person that never makes mistakes never learns anything at all. We are human and it's okay to make mistakes.

xRavenniax Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she don't need a critic from a person who use a base for draw. 
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