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Devil May Cry 3 Cosplay - Vergil

New cosplay =)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Watch Vergil's video <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Me as Vergil
Series: Devil May Cry 3
Costume, wig, makeup - Narga-Lifestream (my girlfriend)
Yamato, boots made by Aoki-Lifestream (me)
Photos by Pro.Cosplay
M.Ani.Fest 2013 (St.Petersburg, Russia).
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superalexapple's avatar
you looks 99% like the real one in game
serenawarren14's avatar
lmhfantasy's avatar
This is the most realistic Vergil cosplay I've ever seen!
JamesDolphy's avatar
The hairstyle more like Cloud from ff :)
nice cosplay
RachsCosplays's avatar
NeroDeAngelo's avatar
Holy cow not only does the cosplay itself looks amazing... but THE SWORD IS ALSO PERFECT!

because most people just do a traditional grip wrapping, which is wrong! How did you made that blade, especially the grip? That is just awesome =)
Ajaniame's avatar
WAIT! The sword is real?
ANPCreations's avatar
HOLY SH- This has to be one of the most amazing cosplays I've ever seen ;~;
MrPicklesHtf's avatar
Perfect cosplay!!!
Sabi-Cat-13's avatar
Best Vergil wig I've ever seen :D it's really hard to get it right ^^;
PetiteEtoileSadique's avatar
peteandthejar's avatar
Epic man one of the best vergil i seen in a long time :) where did you get your wig man i being looking for a good wig for a bit like?
SilverStarLuna's avatar
You look incredible!
MiakaLin's avatar
God I LOVE those boots!
haha and of course the cosplay is wonderful good sir!
LithosTisEritas's avatar
I want more pictures of you as Vergil AND Dante :D your cosplay of the Sparda twins is beyond awesome. It would be cool if you could play Dante and Vergil at the same pic and with Photoshop make it look like you're two people, thus playing the role of both characters :)
Wow at the first look I though it was a drawing .
Chrysonoe's avatar
Finally a really good Vergil cosplay! I saw so many of them, but this one is one of the best. And you don't hit yourself with Yamato while fighting. Great! (Yes, I´ve seen this before, too x.x)
HeyCiry's avatar
omg!! Vergil!!, AWESOME cosplay :la:
9BigMan3's avatar
DEMIGODS-4's avatar
you're match to play as vergil. looks very similar....Giggle 
MusicMike24's avatar
AMAZING work! Great costume! ^.^
I plan on cosplaying Vergil at an upcoming con. If it's no trouble to ask, how did you make the pants and shirt?
CryHOg's avatar
Your honey bunny is so sweet for designing your cosplay! I have always enjoyed you all's work!! :icongreatjobplz:
waifz's avatar
koneko-sakura's avatar
that's exactly it *~*
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