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[Megpoid Gumi Cover] Days of Dash

My Cover Song:-

Gumi - Mamama, Pants by 9844, edited by me
Akaito - Mamama, edited by me (included him inside for no reason xD)
Mashiro Shiina - Kappa
Stage - 
chrrox, Sega and Crypton Future Media, DiemDo-Shiruhane 
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que linda la imagen x3
HarumiTei's avatar
Wow! Amazing cover! :D
Do you have any tips when using Vocaloid?
I use it as well, but I suck like hell XDDD
Aoizuho's avatar
Thank you ^^
tips .. well, I don't have any tips to be honest, and I'm still learning XD. But I think you can try to compare the original song with the one you making, try to follow it, experience it.
HarumiTei's avatar
Thanks ^^
My friends keep telling me "orang buta muzik" like me shouldn't use Vocaloid XDDDD

My line of Vocaloid is:
Luka (main Vocaloid)
VY1 (another main use)
Aoizuho's avatar
So far, I have Kaito and Gumi xD

"orang buta muzik"? lol. Do you know anything about basic music theory?
HarumiTei's avatar
Nope, nothing at all XDDD
In secondary school, I wasn't able to take music class since that class was full
I had to take art lesson

In Vocaloid, when adjusting the lyrics, I tested one at a time to know the right sound ^^;
That's why they said "buta muzik"....
But I do enjoy making the covers ^^
Its just that I wish I could be better :iconthinkingplz:
Staying in college makes me harder to practice
Aoizuho's avatar
ahh I see.

Btw, I heard some of your cover songs. They aren't that bad.

So far, I found these 2 songs you need to fix it. I'd note you ^^
HarumiTei's avatar
Ai Kotoba II is the worst, right? XDDD
I wasn't able to fix it because my computer was lagging a lot that time~
Aoizuho's avatar
if by yuzuki yukari, it's not bad at all

if by vy1, well,.. just out of pitch xD
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