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Tellm 670 Portable Computer


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Very primitive, but epoch-making computer designed after the war.
This gadget is used by many scientists at Paradmed Laboratory, the biggest academic facility ever build on planet Parle.
Keyboard is replaceable and you can type other language by setting language cassette pack. (optional parts)

Also, they could try real-time chat by connecting computer to intranet system of the facility.
If they want, they could draw pictures and data.
By using memory, they could save about 300 words into that orange stick.

*Wisest way of transmitting data is put the memory sticks in the pocket and run to professor's room. Their intranet is too slow.
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interesting design, 
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I like this - very primitive indeed but it has a charm to it.

Very well designed and I can see a lot of inspirations in the design.

Brilliant :D
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Love it!
Would love for you to do more stuff like it. ❤️
AoiWaffle0608's avatar
Thank you!
I will make another retro-computer this year.
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I love how that computer fuses aspects of the typewriter, computer, and the early days of vacuum tube technology.  :thumbsup:
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Absolutely love it.
playing games would probably be a very expensive hobby tho
Great concept!
It looks like there is more modules possible like vacuum tube screen, larger external data storage (tape or wire recorder) and so on.
300 words on memory stick feels awfully small even compared to old 5.25 floppy discs.
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I'm working on a updated version of this and want to know what is the blue thing on the left side? I can make out the rest sort of!
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I see you don't answer anyone so it would be pointless to comment or ask anything?
AoiWaffle0608's avatar
all comments and questions are welcome!
Just I am too lazy to answer all comments...
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Great you do, love your work and been following you for years so I guess I get around now and Watch ya! Love your computer and plan to do what I do best, do pixel art to make it, will give you credit for where I got the idea from! Made a Airship kind of using your colors and works and was the most Fav for a long time till my submarine beat it out. Did your colors on some old flying boats.
Most computers have monitors, is there one?
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This is the most beautiful and awe inspiring machine I have ever seen. Please make more stuff like this because this is pure beauty.
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What kind of PC is this model after ?

Post Apoc style PC ?
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ooh I really like this! is this part of a story or something? also btw, when I first saw it in the thumbnail I thought it was a house lol
smartbird95's avatar
This is a tty! A teletyper,
The forerunner of today's computers.
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I love retrocomputing and I love dieselpunk. I never thought to combine the two but I see you did, and I love it!

Now I wonder what Windows 3.1 would look like running on this thing, in glorious...Paper-View! *dodges rotten tomatoes*
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You're still making awesome designs, still belting out the good stuff indeed :)
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this is really cool!

the lore flavour is amazing ahahah *runs to professor room*
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I love the design it reminds me of an rpg type game
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Still probably faster than my first Windows PC. 

Brilliant design mate, cheers! :D
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Oh, I love such concepts. They allow more intimate look into the setting than character/environment designs.
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