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Aerial lancer

Free Pannonian "Aerial lancer" squadron is commencing assault.
Their flagship has risen from the clouds, the battle begins.
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Somehow reminds me of Last Exile, tee hee

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This is a cool scene. The fleet is flying above the clouds, you think you see how strong they are, but then the giant flagship rises up out of the clouds, bigger than any of them.

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Such beautiful and amazing aircraft! I am sure they are fated to win! :love:

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looks epic

that ship in the center reminded me the Lasas

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beautiful scene!

If you made all this up...fantastic!!!

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AWWWESOOOME!!! Looks like an early passenger plane mixed with Silverbolt from Transformers G1 Mixed with a Torumekian Armoured Corvette.

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And I remembered the Mountain Eagle bomb truck from The Inhabited Island

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Love it, that big plane rising from the clouds looks super cool

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another amazing picture

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