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^^; trying to stay sane ...
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<_<;; huh, this stupid new interface wiped out the dA ID's ... ._.;; eh, it was a dated pic anyway, i never actually used those japanese letters as a logo, o3o;; anyhow ...

o_o Aoi, Sora, Jey, call me what you like. im a dude, im 26, ^^; the faces are a habit for me, o_o the 19's kind of a lucky number, and the S doesn't mean anything. ^^; there's the introductory, prepare for rambling ahead ...



o_o to any new watchers and other people ...

o3o there's several Nuzlockes, but most of them are abandoned. just know that the more important ones are White Nuzlocke - Sen's Journey (WN-SJ), X Nuzlocke - Heilu's Voyage (XN-HV), and the currently ongoing Sun Nuzlocke - Soun's Escapade (SN-SE) and Shield Nuzlocke - Hestia's Pilgrimage (SN-HP)

and for journals? for some, there can be random titles for the journals that usually have nothing to do with anything. it's just something amusing. o.o here's some journal links

-outdated link format that's just here to be here-

-my hacks list-… (1st half)… (half of the 1st half)… (2nd half)… (fangame section)… (255 Versions ... easy modes)

-a journal on some certain poke deals, which includes legends and shinies… (man, this has been dead for a while)

-just my own list of Nuzlockes i've done-

so there you have it. enjoy having your IQ lowered and shit. here's a cookie :cookie:



moefornuz (not sure what the hell to do with it now since its purpose has long since been gone)

^^; you know, AoiSora19S was once a side account, but it's become more of a main than the actual one. o_o not linking that, though. i'd rather keep em separate



:bulletblue: try to cheer up more, dammit (more important now than ever with this stupid new interface)

:bulletblue: try to stay sane (same for this)

:bulletblue: just live (o3o also this)

long term stuff

:bulletblue: SN-SE (somehow still ongoing. ^^; i don't want to abandon these guys ...)

:bulletblue: SN-HP (o3o;; half a year and not even at the Wild Area ...)

:bulletblue: re-piece pics for XN-HV (currently 1/3 done ... and it's been 1/3 done for almost 2 years)

:bulletblue: actually start IN-D&CCO (Insurgence Nuzlocke - David & Craig's Crazy Odyssey ... o.o could have a different abbreviation)

:bulletblue: see if that Crystal Clear project will ever actually start (it's been over a year ... and it hasn't been talked about ...)

:bulletblue: another fucking possible duolocke, yet to be announced (o3o;; good chance that it'll be canned before it goes anywhere)

:bulletblue: do more Nuzlocke Team pics (some may not be possible)


PLZ ACCOUNTS I MADE (reminder for myself; smiley face in between YouTube and GIF, Avatars, search bar. :iconinsertwhateverplz: could still be used for deviation descriptions)

idiotartistBlueplz trollfaceBlueplz Bluehurrhurrplz

WNSJ-Sen Freya-Emboarplz datassSenplz kabonerplz (not mine, just wanted to include it. o_o i think mentalmagikarp did this one. ^^; it's been a long ass while. ._. been a while since he was around too)

Raltsfeelsgreatplz (from an old, cancelled run. o3o i still recycle this face, as you'll see)

HeiluXiryuuplz Lila-Greninjaplz heilu (also not mine, wanted to include it. credit goes to bipo-._.;; oh yeah, you can't cross words out anymore ... ^^; credit goes to murdercult)

SounEngonplz Kotonoha727plz (o.o probably the worst plz for a starter i made yet. yes, the design's outdated, so's the one for Freya, but it's so unclear from a distance ... <_<;; and that name ...)

HestiaChernobylplz TsurugiWazamonoPlz PiljuYiPlz (making the latter 2 was a hellish experience, this was when Eclipse was forced on every new account ... ._. back when that switch was around ... R.I.P., switch to better times ...)

trollfaceChinaplz (read blackwing2's HG Nuzlocke, bitch)

durrhurrPeanutplz durrhurrTardplz

megustaPeanutplz megustaTardplz

Peanutfeelsgreatplz Tardfeelsgreatplz (o3o i told you this would return)

Peanutishappyplz Peanutissadplz Peanutispleasedplz Peanutisangryplz Peanutisconfusedplz

Peanutistiredplz Peanutisshockedplz Peanutisirritatedplz Peanutwtfplz Peanuttriumphsplz

Peanutisscaredplz Peanutisbereftplz Peanutisflirtyplz Peanutisseriousplz Peanutissillyplz

Peanutishollowplz Peanutincredulousplz Peanutisconfidentplz Peanutisfierceplz Peanutispoutyplz

Peanutisdrunkplz Peanutrageplz Peanutissarcasticplz Peanutisdisgustedplz Peanutisillplz (-3- this stupid "updated" site really wants to punish me for making these for a dear friend ... o_o i don't regret making any of these)

look here for random plzs

Favourite Visual Artist
o3o too many
Favourite Movies
don't have one
Favourite TV Shows
there's plenty
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
o3o too many
Favourite Books
maybe if manga were listed, this could have an answer ... or just a vague one like the rest
Favourite Writers
don't have one
Favourite Games
o3o too many
Favourite Gaming Platform
o3o too many
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
o3o doing your mom

o_o god, im old

o_o god, im old

o_o exactly 10 years ago today, i read my first ever Nuzlocke; Ara's Pearl Nuzlocke
o3o Jade's now in the list. ^^; finally, more of these ambitious super hacks are being finished. o.o i wonder if SAGE or Azurite will be next ... o_o though there is another one, one that was kept secret for a while; Xenoverse: Per Aspera Ad Ast
o3o Crystal Clear's now in version 2.1.0 with a myriad of changes

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Merry Christmas Aoi~

Hope you keep the mistletoe under control, we know what you're like~ ;)

Hey I know it's bit late but happy birthday!!

for yoooooooouuuu :heart:

Happy families
Pressy for youuuuu~  Hestias Hair by Froodals   :heart: