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 ask for infoヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )


PayPal bullet by emocx ||  Free Bullet - Cookie Points - by ChibiMogu  

Adoptable T.O.S.


you'll not see examples for each commission type, I'll update as soon as I get the chance.


Sketch 300pt or 7€  
Simple color 700pt or 15
Painted from 20€

simple color example:
Buio by aoiMusubi 

Half body+

Sketch from 20€
Quick colors 30€ 
Painted from 45€ *

+basic Background 10€
+medium Background 17€

Quick colors + medium background example ||  Quick colors

Witch's Garden by aoiMusubi  Moth Girl by aoiMusubi

Painted + medium background example

    [AT] eikyrona by aoiMusubi 

+Full Body*+

Sketch from 30€ 
Quick colors 45€ 
Painted from 70€ 

quick colors example :

Rotten Blood by aoiMusubi
Painted example
S-Unity by aoiMusubi  Yellow jacket by aoiMusubi

+basic Background 10€
+medium Background 17€


Quick colors 70€ 
Painted from 100€ 

Painted example:

            Jumping by aoiMusubi

quick colors example: 

 Pumpkin Gluttony by aoiMusubi Wolf's bane by aoiMusubi       

Custom Design*+

Outfit Design: from 50€
it includes: your OC wearing the clothes + design details 
Ask for extras

Character Design: from 70€ 
it includescharacter + clothes design details + headshot sketch

Some of my character design:
Rebel by aoiMusubi  Yellow jacket by aoiMusubi

*only Paypal

+Pixel Icons+
No blinking 
200pt or 2€
[C] Arty-buu-chan by aoiMusubi


300pt or 3€  [C]- FluffyPandaButt by aoiMusubi [C] CecaniaCorabell by aoiMusubi 
[C]- HinataOC by aoiMusubi [C] LiannakaiAJ by aoiMusubi [C] AyameKurosami by aoiMusubi

Thank you  ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

© 2014 - 2020 aoiMusubi
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Are these till open ^^
aoiMusubi's avatar
it depends on your request :3
feel free to send a note with details!
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Oooooh i saw you on… and when ii saw your work i was like WOW so when i get more points i WILL commission you, i just hope you will still be open by that time ^______^  (or if you do trades)
aoiMusubi's avatar
Thank you so much <3 I'm really honored when someone appreciate my works <3
My commissions are open since 2014 XD so I'm sure they'll be open for the time you'll choose to commission me :3
Actualy I don't do trades because I already have ATs slots full and I'm busy with a super 42 pokemons I hope to be commissioned from you in future <3
Virmont89's avatar
Awesome!!! Well come the holidays i'm hoping to have more points :D
aoiMusubi's avatar
thank you so much for your interest! <3
RenewedEden's avatar
aoiMusubi's avatar
let me know if you're interested in something <3
PastelProse's avatar
Is it possible to get a half body couple without background. Cause well im broke till the 9th
aoiMusubi's avatar
Sure ^^ Send me a PM with all details ^^
Christian-Sensei's avatar
Can I buy a bust??
aoiMusubi's avatar
sure ^^ note me the details :3
aoiMusubi's avatar
MevrouwRoze's avatar
I'm short on points atm, but I will definitely keep this tabbed! Your art is adorable! x3 
aoiMusubi's avatar
Thank you so much :3 I hope to be commissioned from you one day ^^
Captain-Espana's avatar
I'll tell you what: As soon as I can get a smidge of extra cash.. I am definitely commissioning you.

But... Thing is... Do you draw OCs and will you draw from Yu-Gi-Oh?
aoiMusubi's avatar
Yes ^^ I draw OCs but what do "will you draw from yu-gi-oh" mean?
Captain-Espana's avatar
^^; I guess you're not a fan of the series then?

Because I know some people who will turn me down if I ask for drawings of characters from series they don't know.
aoiMusubi's avatar
Nope, I'm not a fan ^^
But tell me what do you want in your commission and I'll see if I can do it )

Why do they do it?
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