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Fall into the hands

Do not use my work without my permission.
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HIS HANDS ARE THOSE EYES.... THAT is a *fine* detail right there! I love his posssseeeee you are so amazing at posing!!! AT EVERYTHING!!!!
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I'm REALLY happy to hear that! (*´▽`*)
I'm so glad that you like it! Thank you:heart:
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If you look upside down this picture, you may see something.(*´▽`*)
(Also thank you very much for the watch and many comments!)
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It's Gaster in his Goop state! BTW. Is you Gaster a good Gaster? LOLZ sorry. Didn't mean to SPAM you.
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Oh, I consider him a good person. ^^*
But when I draw him, I basically draw him as neither good nor bad. (Unless I put a special meaning into the works...)
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Oooohhh I love the vibe of this piece !!
It feels like those old mangas, the ones that were always very detailed and realistic but still stylised, the colours are so stark, almost arcade like and it really adds to the piece, love this 👍👍👍
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ah,This work is my favorite!I'm very happy that you like it!

I have read a lot of manga since I was a child, so I am very glad that you have such an impression on this picture.
Thank you so much!^^*
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It is my utmost pleasure ^^♥♥♥❤❤
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Dang, the design on this piece is excellent. Nice work.
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Thank you very much!
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Oof, this reminds me of Dali’s illusion paintings
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Dali!awww,I am flattered!
Thank you sooo much!(*>∀<*)
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Oof, no probs! :3
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Oh nice 0-0 it's very beautiful :D
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It's Joster. Yare Yare Daze, my dudes :) (Smile) 
aoimomushi's avatar
Oh,JOJO!(I don't read JOJO yet,But knew that words(*u*)
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Really awesome composition and concept. :clap:
The idea of the inside-joke behind the flipped over Gaster-sprite really comes trough very well and I love the coloring and shading. :D

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Ahh,thank you so much!!

>>the inside-joke behind the flipped over Gaster-sprite
I also love this phrase very much.
Someday I wanted to draw an upside-down Gaster-sprite. Finally I could draw it ^ ^*

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And you did so well with it. :D
You're really welcome. ^^
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Thank youuuuul!!!*^^*
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No problemoooooooo!!!! ^^
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