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Kamala Dumar

 "Members Choice At ManipulateThisSo this is my OC from a book idk if ill ever finish writing but i felt that if maybe i brought he to life in art the muse would flow again lol
i depicted her here standing in the place garden, its a scene from one of the compendium of short after stories from the original novel. It's been a tough year for Kamala, first her husband the late king dies suddenly leaving her to rule as regent til there son comes of age, born in the poor north she came a long way to be queen. She finds out after her husbands death that she was with child but due to the suspicious death of the king she hid her pregnancy and sent there daughter secretly north to Calay after the birth. It is after returning from that event that she stops by the palace garden to just sit and think about simpler times and fully get her head around what to do next. 
Little Bit About Kamala:
Kamala was born in the small country town of Calay in the north of Cupania. She is a gentle and somewhat reserved girl being about 14 yrs old at the time of Alleara's betrothal. After going on the journey with her sister to save the last dragon, the king so impressed by her that he betrothed her to his son and raised her house from the ashes of scandal. Found out about Allera Dumar here
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