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Alleara Dumar

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So this is my OC from a book idk if ill ever finish writing but i felt that if maybe i brought he to life in art the muse would flow again lol
i depicted he here playing with the newly hatched Somnium.. i did play around with the idea o her being a bit rebellious and not wearing her veil but as by the time she has ound the egg in the book she has to wear one as part of her betrothal i decided to paint it in lol.
Little Bit About Allera:
Alleara was born in the small country town of Calay in the north of Cupania. She is a very free spirit and often wander into the surrounding forest of Rementa to find and play with various magical creatures. On the day she was to be betrothed (16 yrs old) She took her younger sister into the forest as a sort of farewell journey and there she find a dragon's egg. At first the pair have no idea what they found but once they learn she is the very last dragon they set off on a journey with Alleara's betrothed to save the last dragon who they named Somnium.
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This is really nice! Thanks for sharing! :)