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Lisa in her blue dirndl
While Nicky was visiting me few weeks ago, it was a good opportunity for me to change her into a cute vixen, so I can take a few pics of her as Lisa and let her try a dress I didn't have many pics of:)
The dirndl is a traditional bavarian dress.
Here's some hints on how you can watch my 3D pictures without glasses, where to buy glasses to watch them proprely on your screen if you can't do it without glasses, and how to use Stereophoto Maker to modify the file and to do your own anaglyph depending of what kind of glasses you have, and even make files that can work on your Nintendo 3DS, or your 3D tv screen.

My pictures are in parallel view mode.
It means that picture for the left eye is at the left side, and picture for the right eye is at right side.
Most people won't be able to see it in 3D if the picture is larger than 5", so the best way to get use to see it is to work with a thumbnail of one of my picture, and when you get the trick to increase the size of the picture to fit your view. Don't push yourself too hard for a first time, just decrease a little bit the size of the thumbnail until you get it, then try bigger.

Here's a little graphic explanation.
First picture is one of Titash and his girl friend at the convention, they made a great couple believe me ;)…

Now try not to focus directly at the picture but like you're watching something further your screen.
You should see a very blurry image, something like that…
like there were 4 meerkats now at your screen.

Now the hard part, you have to try to focus more or less further your screen until you've got the two meerkats in the middle to merge into one.
When you see something like that, you're almost at the good point.…

If it's too hard for your eyes, just decrease the size a bit, and it will be ok.

The best way to see it, and with it you can even watch parallel view video on youtube, is to use sepcial glasses for parallel view.
You can find different way to do it by searching around google, or buy a pair on the website on my 3D lens maker here…
it works great for computer screen, and even on larger screen than 17", it will be just a little more blurry.
It seems that large model for bigger screen is sold out for the time being, but you can buy glasses for 5 to 7" wide pictures too.

If none of those two methods can work for you, or if you have blue/red glasses, or a 3D screen or even a 3DS, there's another way to do it.
You can use stereo photo maker.…
This soft is really great, it's a freeware, no need to install a full software or anything, just launch the exec file and it's working without adding a directories or modify anything on your computer, you can even browse your 3D file with it. So don't hesitate to use it.

First just open one of my file with it, you will have two pictures on your screen.

If you can't do parallel view but can cross eye, just press the swap side button…
Cross eye is almost the same than parallel view, except that you're trying to look the end of your nose instead of behind your screen.
Left eye should see the right side of the picture, and right eye the left side, and just focus until you have it.

If you have colored eyes glasses, just go to those buttons…
you can select the models of your glasses, and if you want a black and white or color anaglyph. With my pictures and red blue glasses, left eye should be red and right eye should be blue. Just use swap side button if your glasses are inverted.

If the picture look like this…
it's not the best to see it.
Just use arrows so the both image are a little more adjusted, like this :…
Best way to do it is to use the eyes of the fursuit, and when it's done just put your glasses.
By using left and side arrows of your keyboard, you can even make the picture going out from your screen.

For 3Dtv/computer, just save file as a mpo or a jps.

For a nintendo 3DS, it's a little more complex.
You will have to go to edit, then resize.
640*480 and less should be ok. 
If the picture is too wide, it will crash your DS, and you will have to reboot.
Second problem, there will be two black bands around my pictures, and 3DS have no way to zoom in for now, but with stereo photo maker you can make a selection by cropping the picture and see it full screen on your DS.
Just register the file in mpo file format and rename it like the ones in your 3d picture files in your SD card.

If you have questions or want to add something, feel free, and I will adjust and correct this little manual.


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