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Last Ranger...

Last Elven Ranger - First Fantasy Piece for 2020



ROBOT CITY BOOK 2 - Forgotten Tale: PROMO Poster



Assassin Wars: Ambush



FG Awakening-OfficialIntro

FG Awakening-OfficialIntro

FanFic - Lara Croft

Tomb Raider Reborn: First Kill


ROBOT CITY BOOK II - Excerpt - Prologue


ROBOT CITY BOOK II - Excerpt - Prologue

Prologue A diminutive figure treaded lightly out of a steaming shower. All lights were off except for the down lights in her suite. Not bothering to dry herself she walked toward the connecting bedroom. The streaks of water trailed down her slim perfect body and created wet foot imprints on the ostentatious Persian rug. This effected an auto-response from the disc-like cleaning bots to ensure the lavish rug was well groomed and taken care of at all times. Just as the cleaning bots whirled towards the areas that affronted their programming, a single glare from the offender stopped them in their track. Immediately they withdrew almost whining

Robot City: Episode 01 - The Cargo- Script Excerpt


Robot City: Episode 01 - The Cargo- Script Excerpt

By the way... hope you all like this excerpt of the script for the first episode. GIF version of the Script... I give about 30seconds for reading and about 1 to 2sec for pictures. FOR FULL EXCERPT - Not animated... SEE Journal:

Apocalyptik Imperium - Lost Scrolls


Apocalyptik Imperium - Lost Scrolls

"Legend has it that the Humans and Devanites once lived side by side not only in the same galaxy but in the very same planet. The 3rd of the 9 planets that revolve around a single light source; the Primus System or the first Solar System Man thrived in. It was the only planet within that solar system to have had teeming life force, encouraging proliferation of the homosapien race but, not the proliferation of pollution and toxic chemical wastes.  Even the surrounding planets were not spared the ramification of technological advancement. Therein lies the tragedy... and was the impetus that led to a mass exodus for a different galaxy. The plane


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I am really just a Sci-Fi writer and storyteller. I have been dabbling with 3D models via Daz and Poser to hopefully wield it to help tell my stories a bit more vividly. I am still an amateur in Art, but am hopefully improving. Please check out my humble gallery and decide for yourself.

Thank You:bow:

Due to misuse of my works, I hereby prohibit any website from renaming my works and the using of my work for their commercial or advertising needs.

None may re-work my art without my permission in any form or size.

Favourite Visual Artist
Frank Frazetta; Boris; Romita (snr/jnr)
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Appleseed; Vexille; Priest; Avatar; Alien; Predator; King's Speech
Favourite TV Shows
Walking Dead; Xfiles
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beatles... too many to name
Favourite Books
Warhammer 40k series; Dune Series; list never ends
Favourite Writers
Frank Herbert; Micheal C; Dan Abnett
Favourite Games
Starcraft 2; Left for Dead 2; WH40K; Spacemarine
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Eraser and Pens; Poser/Daz; Autocad; Photoshop; Aftereffects...Acrylic Paint
Other Interests
Sometimes also painting Spacemarines; Singin, jammin and playing with my kids!

CHAPTER 3 Of Book 2 RobotCity...

CHAPTER 3 Of Book 2 RobotCity...

Well the story continues where we last left off with Collin Stone in the scene UNLOCKED in Chapter 2. If you need a refresher - click below. I have decided that for chapter 3, I will be presenting it by scenes... there is a total of 4 scenes. The first scene is titled - Nightmare; as Collin Stone begins to recollect a long lost memory. This Pict Below was used for most of the background scenes for the story... I felt that it would not pose too much of a distraction to the story and yet will be nice to look at as well. When the story is out, pls do not hesitate to LIKE it if the Story and Artwork moves you, OR better still, give me your views and what you liked or just your critique on it via COMMENT. Pls feel no pressure if you just want to look at it. So come and look and let others in on the story if you think they too might like em. All my works thus far is done in Daz Studio and Postworked in Photoshop. I use a lot of products from both Renderosity and Daz Studio or others
Just wanted to say... that this piece won me the Third Prize in Daz! Woo Hoo!
Are you able to see this artwork in Devianart App in iPad or iphone? Bec I cannot. Visible when looking thru website.


World of AOGRAI

Imperial Watcher - Robot City Promo (Updated)
Imperial Watcher and Acolyte - Promo Pict

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nice gallery

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Thank you so much. Do come again.

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Happy Birthday! :)
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Thank you my friend. How are things in mother Russia? Covid 19 issues.
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Very welcome! 

We are quite calm in Russia. There is no panic and no strict quarantine. :)
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Please do prepare for things to come... stay safe by washing hands and keeping an eye out for any signs. It does not hurt to be prepared, but dont go crazy and start thinking it is the end of the world. lol!

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