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[[scene from chaper 2 - With This Ring]]

I drew this pict for wonderful HP fanfiction,"The Marriage Stone".
I'm not a HP's fan,but this story made me crazy to wait for update!!! shouldn't miss if you love Snape/Harry.
( I never drew pict about HP before,so sorry if it look wierd..XD)

Website : [link]
Author penname : Josephine Darcy
Genre : Romance/Adventure
Summary : To avoid the machinations of the Ministry, Harry must marry a reluctant Severus Snape. But marriage to Snape is only the beginning of Harry's problems. Voldemort has returned, and before too long Harry's marriage may determine the world's fate.
Status : Ongoing (Now 57th chapter)

Disclaimer: All places and characters belong to JK Rowling and the WB and various publishers.

Technique : Drew & Colored in photoshop CS.
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Is so beautirul, u.u
CheerfulSpider's avatar
Brilliant, i've read the story it's from where i got the link for this :) you're a really good artist,  you captured their emotions really well !
PrincessJuli's avatar
yesshsh! I love this. Their expressions, the robes. It looks awesome. XD
NicoletteGerbi's avatar
My apologies; it seems as though I am unable to form any felicitous words right now. I'm too busy laughing at the amazing portrayal you've somehow created with this drawing in reference to the actual scene. Major kudos, dude. ;D
DarkJokerLove's avatar
My friend Olivia told me about this story...I haven't read it but I will...Right after I post this comment. xD Cool picture. I love it! <3
Dvaita's avatar
OMG!! this is an amazing picture!!! and the scene of the story is so similar!!! great job!!!
dedes72's avatar
I love how dumbledoe just looks way too damn happy
just read it. neat
dblue99's avatar
Hi, this is a fanart of a friend I want to share!


I also like the "The Marriage Stone" ... is great!!!
Dvaita's avatar
Ahhhh this is great!! i really love it!!! so realistic, and maked in the way that you could remember that special moment!!!! keep drawing like that!!!
OpheliaPurple's avatar
Harry looks so cute :D

I like how you drew this. Well done :clap:
ToraHiru's avatar
I love Dumbledore's expression. Its perfect!
I love that pic, it's just awesome. I like the look on Severus face, seems he knows more how this could end than Harry. Ah, nevertheless, wish I stood in the place of Harry. Sev looks adorable. *sigh*
khansun's avatar
555+เป็นเอามากนะ มาแต่งโดyกันเถอะ!!!!
sigridsacrifice's avatar
I love Harry Potter as well as this story.
The Marriage Stone is super captivating, I'm up to chapter 57 now P:
Very well drawn, I love it!
if you are after a good continueation of the fic then Lynne's AU Ending to The Marriage Stone also on fanfiction has simular writting style and follows the direction Josephine darcy was heading
Otome91's avatar
I just LOVE this story!! Great pic.! :D
hogwartshoney's avatar
I like your style very much! This is a great addition to a truly brilliant story!
I can't remember if I ever commented on this picture, but if not, let me do it now.
I love this piece, it radiates that chemistry that the beloved TMS story is made of.
Actually, this drawing is the reason I got on this site and tried submitting my own Marriage stone fanart - it's no where near this leaque though - I've never been good with this kind og art.
Anyhoo, I still love this and it's one of my fav!
Aoeiya's avatar
Ya, thanks very much!!!:smooch:
I hope Josephine would come back.:yawn:
kyubi-beast's avatar
wth happened to this story! its been a year and there is no update! do you guys know anything about it?

oh and i commented this picture like8 months ago and i said i loved it. Let me rephrase that

i absolutly positivly am head over heals in love with your picture! :3
It's all amazinggg! Great work! I must say though, Snape really catches my eye...he's my favourite part of the picture, you captured him well, it's a beautiful drawing.
NexNetix's avatar
Hehe...77 chapters now. ;-)
Jouninbaka's avatar
ksljf gdogn fgn I LUV YOU. >w<
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