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Photoshop color glow actions

Download (ZIP) contains:
1. 5 Photoshop Actions and with option to add sharpness
2. Preview photo of the actions

Stock photo: ~angel1592Stock

Check out my other actions:
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I purchase this action but zip files is damaged

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Purchased the file and the zip was empty or corrupted.
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How do you do that in photoshop? I haven't done that in like 5 years. So I don't remember how to do it. 
bluster-squall's avatar
Purchased, but corrupted.
RoseCS's avatar
the action in the .zip files is damaged.
MimiSempai's avatar
I purchase this action but the .zip files is damaged .... :(
SHERKEEN's avatar
hello ,, downloaded ,but there is no action :(
In detail. I downloaded the file three times. the same picture. The download file "" consists of another file, "4fdc493d5ac77d398d88f06ddb8db38de20d66b3-aoao2 -". Once try to open or extract the file, an error message indicating a corruption within it appears...
I also purchased the action. The ZIP file contains another ZIP file wherein is nothing inside...
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Hmm. I purchased this just now and downloaded it but it is giving me an error and I cannot use it. There is a zipfile inside of a zipfile. So when I try to unzip the 2nd file that gives me an error.
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hmm I don't know, no one faced this problem! if you would like I can return the points to you :aww:
Vesperity's avatar
It is ok. It's only 20 points. :) The error it is telling me is that there is no files inside of the 2nd zipfile.
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hmm, i'm sure there is only 1 zip file :|, guess some mistake happened :giggle:
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really beautiful actions PS *O*
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Sugooooooi *-*
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Yellow and green looks more natural..
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downloading ^^ very beautiful ^^
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hi i just bought these and i'm getting an error :( won't let me unzip it says it's corrupted
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:O!! really
a lot of people bought it and it works fine.

umm send me ur email as a note, and i'll send u the actions :)
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i never received these and it's too late to ask for a refund now
i like the yellow and green both have a very fairy like feeling to it but still stay within the original natural colors of the...well orginal lol
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I think I like the Blue and Yellow glows the best... but these all look beautiful!
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