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Learn Nothing Day



Finished. Rawr.
Lawl, 10-second background
Yay for the return of coloured lines 8D

I found it hard to try and do the eyes small, so I did them big and shrunk them in. Because I liked how they looked big, you can see them in my scraps here.
Yes, one sleeve is longer than the other. Yes, it's intentional. It's a fashion statement!

The lines are black now because they all disappeared mysteriously and I had to re-do them. But that's OK - I line with the paths tool, and the paths were still there, so all I had to do was click (path visible), click (path selected), click (path options), click (stroke path) maybe a dozen or so times.

That hand needs more work D:
It's coming along swimmingly, if slowly. There was originally going to be a background with cute animals, but it looks like I'm going to have to scrap that for time reasons if I want to make the contest deadline. Ah, well. I'll probably add them in after the contest, anyway, 'cause they're cute, or pull them out and colour them separately. I'd upload the pic with a transparent background, but for some reason DA makes the preview pics for transparent PNGs really ugly D: *ramble, ramble, ramble*
Because I just realised someone might be wondering, I chose the 'E' to be the letter for the girl to grab because it was the easiest for me to draw her grabbing, and probably the easiest for her to actually grab were this situation real (mmm, real giant floating letters). There is no deeper significance to that particular choice. "Larn Nothing Day" doesn't even make sense. Although there is a good reason she didn't grab the "L". I doubt anyone would want there to be an "Earn Nothing Day".
Haven't uploaded anything in a while, so I thought I'd throw up this WIP. The sketch has been moved to scraps.
Learn Nothing Day
A holiday for unschoolers

... and if you think you'd learn nothing by doing what the girl in this picture is doing, you're crazy.

It would, at the very, very least, be fun (AKA learning) to find out why there are giant letters floating in mid-air ;)

So yeah, this picture will be my entry to Sandra Dodd's Learn Nothing Day art contest, if I get it finished in time. If I don't, I had fun drawing it anyway. :D

I would rather love to win a copy of Moving A Puddle, though. ^.^

Letter art by Sandra and Holly Dodd
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My aunt passed this to me. She's Sandra Dodd. :) I like the layout, it'll look totally awesome when it's done!