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Fairy tail logos 2

I got a comment from Juvialoves [link] telling me i should do logos for gajeel and juvia too and so i did but i made 3 extra logos for Laxus,Mystogan and Mirajane too just to keep the theme of "5 logos"
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I dont call my self a new artist, just a horribly bad one. So for a new one to make so many Identical marks are amazing, well done :D
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This is awesome! You did a good job, I think it turned out pretty well!!!
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^^ thanks, i am a "new artist" (if i can even call myself that xD) and i got really excited when someone liked what i did and asked for more so i made this with a smile and hope it will be appreciated
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Oh it really was appreciated! This is really cool and I hope that you can come out with more stuff that I can see!