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.imaginary friends.


have you honestly ever wondered what someones imaginary friend REALLY looks like?
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I know what mine looks like! Girl, taller than me (so pretty tall I suppose, I mean for a girl) about... hmm... 16? Elven-fair (inside joke between me and her >:D), name Mara (I came up with her at a young age and brought her back recently) hair swirly deep dark black, eyes deep midnight that flash with lightning inside when she's mad because it's fun to describe "Lightning flashed in her midnight eyes". 
Hi, I am a senior in college working on a thesis about imaginary friends.  Would it be alright if I used this image on my poster presentation and credited you accordingly? Thanks!
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I like this imaginary friend LOL
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HEY! That's what one of my imaginary friends sort of looks like! I love your artistic abilities!
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lol, LOVE the concept! :clap:
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Imaginary friends are amazing. I still have mine. :heart: he's 7'4", blonde, has claws, and a huge scar down his face, but I love him to death. :heart:
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awwha (: tell him i say hi
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I think I want to draw a pic with an imaginary friend inside now!
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But for some reason it reminds me on the anime'Spirited Away', I don 't know why...
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haha, thats what inspired it
i love that movie ^^
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So do I.
I remember seeing it for the 1st time.
I liked the Dragon person. @P
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jo. When I was 3 i created 3 imaginary beings in my mind. Beings, because only one was my friend. I've never seen him, just heared him(lil' junkie). But that one get vanished from my mind by the other two when i reached 5 :cry:. The other two tormented Me and scared anywere i go. They looked like dolls, one was a boy and the other a girl. They were brothers. But one day i pulverized their house and crushed them under a rock in a dream when i was 7 :tombstone::matrixfight: 0_o.

My english is so fucking crappy...
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what a horrible tale!
im so sorry :(
i hope you are feeling better now

and you actually speak english well
what language is your native?
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I'm right, it were 11-7 years ago =). And i have my brain frozen inside my head to be my friend now xD. I live in Argentina, so my native language is spanish. But not Spain spanish, it sounds different and it has some different words. It's like the difference between UK and USA english, i believe.
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cool. I had an imaginary friend... and it looked like something green or pink.
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imaginary friends are awesome
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great work :D apperences dont matter :D all that counts is that hes a good imaginary friend ;)
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imaginary friend: "suzie, go kill your parents"
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