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Clans: Deriala and Hentaro by tsukino-hikaru Clans: Deriala and Hentaro :icontsukino-hikaru:tsukino-hikaru 32 9 Tally the Lionfish Mermaid by tsukino-hikaru Tally the Lionfish Mermaid :icontsukino-hikaru:tsukino-hikaru 70 17 Dude- Puke by shibbynempahcold Dude- Puke :iconshibbynempahcold:shibbynempahcold 33 35 as if ... by AlicjaRodzik as if ... :iconalicjarodzik:AlicjaRodzik 711 40
Harry Pothead
He could hear that pathetic excuse for a human rummaging through his drawers like a wild boar. Harry laughed to himself, knowing that Dudley wasn’t trying to find a pair of trousers to fit his fat bottom; but was in a frenzy to find his stash that had to be sold this week. Any second now and the big lummox would burst through the door demanding Harry to give it back unless he wanted an extra beating that week. Not that he wouldn’t get one anyways; Harry figured he might as well give Dudley a real reason for getting angry at him.
The stash was in his trunk and he knew Dudley wouldn’t touch anything relating to Harry’s school. Anytime he even had his wand out, Dudley would go whiter than a sheet and back into things like a clumsy elephant. “What’s the matter big D?” Harry would taunt him with an evil smirk, laughing as he fell tripped over his own feet and stuttered. He wouldn’t dare rat Harry out, not unless he wanted his parents and everyone in h
:iconanna-bananaa:Anna-bananaa 4 10
Why do I cry?
"Why do I cry?"
Asked the blue jay to the swan
Who would always be far more elegant
And graceful than the blue jay
"Because, little bird."
Answered the enchanting swan
"You will never be good enough,
only the truth do I speak."
The swan's pity was scarce
It did not feel bad for the jay
For it brought upon it's own misery
In asking the immaculate swan
A small insignificant animal
Would never measure up to the attractive swan
For people prefer the swans handsome lullaby
To the jay's vain cries
"In what ways do you find yourself important?"
Asked the blue jay to his beloved enemy
The swans uneven laughter errupted thunderously
And it ruffled it's pure white feathers prominently
"Because, little bird."
the swan answered confidently
"What flaws do you see,
when your eyes scan my body for imperfections?"
"Because, elegant swan.
Your broken laughter sends chills down my spine."
The jay answered indifferently
His tone stoic
"While you sit here flawlessly,
thinking of nothing more than yourself
:iconanna-bananaa:Anna-bananaa 5 5
heart balloon by Anna-bananaa heart balloon :iconanna-bananaa:Anna-bananaa 11 29
Play back.
It's always hard, yes, I know.
Though knowledge of the pain to come doesn't make it
any better.
It's only been a matter of hours, not even a full day.
But the moment I touched my toes to the hard steel of
the stairs that would take me away, I wanted to run for
my life.
Every second I felt it, over and over, trying to crack the
strong facade. As the minutes fled from me, the acid
dripped into my veins, slowly inching its way into my
Yes, it burns for a little while but soon enough it's
bearable, leading on traces of numb.
In the car I turn to stone, but an imperfection slides
down my face, clinging, refusing to fall.
I miss your arms the most.
The way the sun dappled your skin with bits of its light,
so you would never look unloved.
The way you wrapped them around me, tracing
patterns on the naked skin of my shoulders. I wondered
if it was really aimless or if you were trying to make
words for me. Or for her.
Play back.
I asked if you reg
:iconfantasiaa:Fantasiaa 8 12
Stop the W O R L D by Fantasiaa Stop the W O R L D :iconfantasiaa:Fantasiaa 5 10 Teddy Bear by Fantasiaa Teddy Bear :iconfantasiaa:Fantasiaa 2 10 R3M3MB3R by Fantasiaa R3M3MB3R :iconfantasiaa:Fantasiaa 6 1 Around the world by Fantasiaa Around the world :iconfantasiaa:Fantasiaa 8 2 eye c u by Fantasiaa eye c u :iconfantasiaa:Fantasiaa 8 36 The Tea Party by Adoradora The Tea Party :iconadoradora:Adoradora 64 6 The Selkie Wife    SCULPTURE by pixiwillow The Selkie Wife SCULPTURE :iconpixiwillow:pixiwillow 705 90 sculpture PIXIE by pixiwillow sculpture PIXIE :iconpixiwillow:pixiwillow 1,474 227


not that anybody still follows this but i'm reposting everything over at nikaalexandra, which is my new handle because we all know i'm inconsistent as fuck
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
hi! i happen to be a senior in highschool obsessed with cartoons, anime, and drawing. but hey, what else is new.


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(No problem! I love your art!)
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