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Gallery Folders

Yen Quest by ThanatosRising
Winter Husky dog sculpture by SculptedPups
I am stupid. WRONG FOLDER. OwO kekekeke
Pokemon logic S2 vol. 3 by vaporeono
...:AT Shimeji:... by marina1agathe
Flying Leaf Girl by chibikimchii
Sakura Angel/Pepper by InnocentWanderer
Digital Art 3
Chibi | Winyra by aBREEviate
[OC] Dream and Zhia by Mooyinoluwa
CC - Code Geass by AndrewNEWHD
That's My Heart YCH [Close] by FlexyChan
Fan Art 6
Time Lord: Louis Lester XV by Lozanica
Time Lord: Louis Lester XV by Lozanica
Regular Show - Mordecai by DreamEclipseWolf
Junko Enoshima by TMiracle
OC's 6
Chibi head Vec by LaKirly
closed: Adoptable 28 by Kitkkun
Sevy by Lizally
[AT] - QhoulKitty by puruton
Chibi and Anime related 3
Adoptable Auction #3 | OPEN | 100 Points SB by Aesthetic-Peach
[49] Meet the artist by aiyuai
Chibi Rin Kigurumi by reauvshux
Fuyuki by space-latte
Crafts and Handmade
700+ Watcher Fluffian Raffle! (Open) by Lyime

Mature Content

guro girl my feeling by cahbunnie
Octoling Girl by herebewonder
Pink Inkling Girl by herebewonder
[CLOSED] Microadoptions by GigaMessy
Mermay 2019 - day 6 by TheLadyOfTheChibis
Mermay 2019 - day 5 by TheLadyOfTheChibis
Mermay 2019 - day 4 by TheLadyOfTheChibis
Digital Art 2 FULL
commission #96 by HeartStripe3
Digital Art FULL
301016 |Aron pixel doll by Jiumiingo
Fan Art 5 FULL
Mavis Vermillion by ThousandKnight
Fan Art 4 FULL
Original Owner Vs Art Stealer/fake account by Chibi-Scout
Fan Art 3 FULL
Fanart -Lucy (Fairy Tail) by InfinitelyImpossible
Fan Art 2 FULL
Susan Bones- Inktober Day #13 by KITTYKINKIN
Fan Art FULL
Needs a name by Eruchii
Paigee World - Lex by Moonx3
Happy Halloween ! by Ithanya
Chibi Naoki by SlushiePuffs
Violet - Chibi by genacinth
Chibi and Anime related 2 FULL
#2 Yuta~ by iels
Chibi and Anime related FULL
DJ Sona Chibi by Lighane
Commissions and Requests 2 FULL
C (1/2) Anti Maya by StrawberryDani
Commissions and Requests FULL
C (1/2)- Mikkoku by iceon5




Group Info:
You don't need to ask for permission to join. Everyone is allowed to join even if you don't draw chibis or don't draw at all! :)
The group name really speaks for itself. ANY kind of chibi is allowed. Anything from animals, anime characters, OC's, fan-art, people or just chibi or anime related stuff.

Here is a list of our current folders:
FAN ART - Art of fandom. Things that you do not own. For exsample: movies, games, books, TV shows, etc.

OC's - Art owned by you. "Original characters", characters made by you and you ONLY.

COMMISSIONS AND REQUESTS - Art made for other in exchange for points or free requests.

CHIBI AND ANIME RELATED STUFF - Things that don't fit into any folder, but still is Chibi/Anime related stuff.

CRAFTS AND HANDMADE - Here you can submit photos of handmade stuff that is related to chibi/anime.

RANDOM - Random stuff.





Yo! I have noticed several times that the comments regarding full folders are basically drowing in the comment section on the main page.

Therefore, please tell us down below when a folder is full!

This way it will give us an easier overview.

For now, I have gone through the gallery, cleaning it up a bit, and have also opened up the OC's 6 folder!
We apologise for the inactivity regarding that. However I have come back active and am willing to regularly check the comments on this blog entry to deal with full folders immediately.

Thank you very much for your patience, and have a great rest of your day.

- Jean | Co-Founder
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LENALOG Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hello! Interested in cheap pixel icons? 
Feel free to check this out if you are: [OPEN] CHEAP PIXEL ICON

Get something like this for $11 / 1,100 points!
pixel diggs by LENALOG
Metanyu Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm opening Lunaria CS Adopt Set Price for Mermay! Please check her out <3
OPEN || Moonlit Lily - Lunaria Set Price Adopt by Metanyu   [OPEN] Mermay Lunaria Adoptables Batch by Metanyu  
PearlGoth Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It seems the folders are full.
blue-merry-04 Featured By Owner May 14, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
my arts, DM if u r interested
commission / OC by blue-merry-04   Chibi commission /oc by blue-merry-04   commission / OC by blue-merry-04   commission / OC by blue-merry-04   commission / OC/Soil by blue-merry-04  
EarlyOnion Featured By Owner Edited May 5, 2019
Hello~ OC folder is full... new folder please? It's been some time already... ^^; I've already commented on the journal sometime ago as well...
Kellsyy Featured By Owner May 5, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
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I generally accept real-life currency as paymentThe price of your Commission depends on how time-consuming it is. Although I list my prices in USD, you will have to pay according to CAD standards. Refunds are only given under certain scenarios, and prices are semi-negotiable.

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Kellsy's Commissions.
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She offers four types of CommissionsNovel CoversPresentations (Workplace & Personal Usage), Literary Editingand Discord Graphics (Profile Pictures, Server Icons, and Server/Channel Banners).
For further information on each type, read the entirety of this JournalBy asking for a Commission, you imply that you've read and agree to all of Kellsyy's Terms and Regulations.
Terms of Commissioning.
When Commissioning Kellsyy, keep in mind these Rules. These Regulations (and/or her prices) have been updated as of May 5 2019 at 1:25 PM EST.

ToC 1: Payment, Requesting, & Pricing. 

WP Cover 13: How To Become A Kellsy. by Kellsyy WP Cover 16: Lost and Found. by Kellsyy WP Cover 11: Chasing Lights. by Kellsyy WP Cover 12: Kells Designs. by Kellsyy

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Senpai-Hero Featured By Owner May 5, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Most of the folders are full ^^;
Doodilies Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cute (cheap) tiny chibis!! They're open if you'd like one! <33
Cheap Mini Chibis (250 Points) OPEN! by Doodilies
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