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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RULES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Please submit all of your art to the correct folders.
We don't have the time to go and check if it was submitted correctly, so please make sure to do it right the first time around. If you don't submit it to the right folder it doesn't really matter much anyway tho, so don't sweat it. I'm not going to hunt you down and like yell at you or anything, we're all human.

2. If your picture could go into more than one folder, then just pick whichever one you think fits it best.
(Ex: An animation of a dog could go in Animations or Animals). Don't waste our time please by asking, "Oh which folder should this go to?" We'll be polite and answer but honestly it seriously doesn't matter. Just choose one. We literally have like 20 folders, I'm sure at least one of those could strike your fancy. :'D

3. No advertising, PERIOD.
It will be marked as spam if you do. I personally find it quite rude, so just refrain from doing that here.

4. Absolutely no call out posts are allowed.
I don't care who's in the right or who it's about. Nobody wants to see your stupid drama. This is an art group, and it's NOT for gossip. You'll be blocked from the group if I find out about you posting any type of hate art or something mocking someone, even if they're being a troll. I seriously don't care, we just don't want any drama in our ART GROUP, WHICH WAS MADE FOR SHARING EVERYONE'S ART. Thank you.

5. PLEASE don't ask if you can join or even thank us for letting you into the group.
Literally everyone is accepted. It's an automatic system! While I appreciate your gratitude or whatever, it kind of wastes time and honestly we technically didn't even accept you since everyone is automatically accepted. Please note this! I won't mark your comment as spam or anything but it's just very annoying after running this group for like 6 years. Come on people.

6. If a folder is full, please comment and tell us!
The only way for us to be able to fix the problem is if we know. You can also comment folder suggestions and if I like your idea then we'll make a folder for it!

7. Don't be an art theif!
All art posted here should be your own, with only a few exceptions. Memes, collages, and the like are allowed but don't steal someone else's art and claim it as your own and submit it to our group! Honestly it's kinda stupid to submit it here for everyone to see because someone will recognize the original artist's work and call you out on it, resulting in you getting banned eventually! (It's stupid to steal art in the first place, but point still stands.) Just don't steal at all and we'll get along great, okay bud? Okay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We don't have many rules but be sure to try to follow these at least. It gets very annoying and time consuming when you don't. So please be a decent human being and follow the very few rules we have, okay? Thanks ♥

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Need to get noticed? Can't find the right group for you? Anything-You-Want is the solution to your problems! Here you can sumbit anything you want! Here all artists are welcome and appreciated. Join today! :aww:
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Anything You want!

7,918 Members
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:bulletblue: Our featured affiliates are: :iconclubjasper: and :iconfusedforlife:! :love:
Be sure to visit their page! :3

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Make sure to check these groups out, too! :la:
They're all awesome and derserve some more love! <3

Also, don't be afraid to send us an affiliation request! ^^ We'll accept each and every one as long as they aren't hateful, discriminating, vulgar, pornographic, etc. Thanks! :aww:

(It would be appreciated if you had an affiliate button as well, though! That way we'd both be featuring each other! ;p)
I updated our rules and made them front and center on our page for maximum clarity because apparently some people aren't following them. Go take a look if you're worried that you don't know them!
I don't care too much if you just comment asking something that I've already covered in the rules but I do care if you make call out posts and stuff. That's mainly why I had to kind of update those. If you don't like those very few rules you can always leave the group. Honestly they aren't even tough tho, I give everyone the freedom to submit any art whenever they want as long as it doesn't start drama or hurts someone! That doesn't sound like a bad deal to me, all you have to do is basically not be rude to people. : )
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