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Hi, I'm doing Dioses and is currently in process. Is it possible to include my work in here? That would be so appreciated and I would like to know if this can be done. You can see my work here: (…)

Thanks! :happybounce: 
Yes you can! 

Things that ARE DONE: 
- pages of the work
- frequency of the pages ( ongoing) 
-cover page of the work

Things that NEED to be done!
- note/message an admin (me) of the title
-give an admin the genre ( see this link as to WHY: AMManga Genre List/Story Finder
Looking for a good manga to read??
Check out our wonderful mangaka! Pick your favorite genre and hover over the name to look through the descriptions to find exactly what you like! Click on the links below, read the stories, and feel free to leave a comment on their page. Support is always welcome!!

Genres:Fantasy/Supernatural, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
- give a summary of the work as if it was its own little book. draw the reader in and no spoilers!

after you give me a list o' this, I can readily get you your very own folder and type you into the glossary of genres! We'll to anything we can to get you the attention your comic deserves!
Im the creator of Xenophobia and i'd like it if u delete that folder for I am done with that comic and i'd like to know if you can make me a new folder for my new comic which 20pgs have been done? Its called Espy: Pillars of eternity.
WHO-AH! All the way from January! 

Sorry, my friend for getting this so late! Your wish is granted! Your folder is up and humming while your previous folder is down in the ashes. 

In order to fully integrate your comic, I'll need to know the Genre ( fantasy/supernatural, action/adventure, comedy, romance, or slice of life!) as well as a formal summary of your comic so you can get as many views as possible! It doesn't have to be anything spoiler-y, but it does have to draw the reader into getting them to open that first page! 

see you soon! 
oh no worries. ^^
so the genre of my comic is fantasy.
the title is Espy:the pillars of eternity

 To see the things unseen, it takes more then eyes to do so. Something deep with able ones the capability. Among life mystical creatures indivisible hide and bring peace, discord, the elements, life and death through phenomenons. Ones with the ability of vision, abuse it and poach these creatures for wealth, except very few and they are blessed. But what happens when the world can no longer bring harmony for these mystical creatures that shape life for man kind?
Sure thing!
IF you would like though we could keep your Xenophobia folder and create a separate one for your
new comic (its ok to have several folders especially if one is a completed comic)
Or we can just remove and replace, your call ^^
hello i have a question...
how can i promote the contest im hosting for my manga on here?