The Heart of the North

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[The great rains of fire and the Black Army's might
Have shrouded our lands in a dark ashen night
But though some may shake at the flames bursting forth
No dragon outburns the heart of the north]

Fierce are the Orcs, the scourge of the plains
The charge of their steel leaves the fallow earth stained
Legions shall tremble before their great hoards
The red burning blood of the heart of the north


Wise are the Dwarves, the masters of schemes
Clanging of hammers and clicks of machines
Bones crushed and flesh rended by hammer and sword
The rock, the foundation of the heart of the north


Sly are the men, tacticians and hunters
Sowing with cunning our enemy's blunders
The silent defenders that keep the black forest
The quick-witted mind of the heart of the north


Strong are the Giants, those pillars of might
A trembling of earth leaves foes quaking in fright
Death and destruction in the wake of their force
The great booming fist of the heart of the north

Okay so a tiny bit of backstory:

In my D&D campaign my character is a former black ops agent from a nation made up primarily of Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, and Giants called the Northern Alliance. The nation was formed to combat and subsequently was destroyed in a massive global war with the forces of the Dragon Empire (which had many other races, but also dragons.)

I wanted to write a simple drinking song for the soldiers of the Northern Alliance. It's written so that if any other races were present they could add their own verses.

As for the music, if you've ever played Skyrim think of the songs you hear in the taverns.
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