Just a Cage

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A cage is all it is really.
But you can escape a cage.
Bars can be broken, locks can be picked, guards can be bribed.
There's really not much stopping you from leaving.
Hell, the thing isn't even locked.

So why do you stay here?

Do the bars feel cool against your skin as you stare through the window?
Is that brief gust of summer air sweet as it passes by?
Is the view of the yard so picturesque as the sun sets?

Why are you still here?

Are you afraid of being caught?
Of being put back in?

By who?

Who's there to look for you?
Who knows you're in there?

You know you can leave, so why don't you?
What still holds you here?
Who makes you spend all your nights tossing and turning?
Unable to sleep for all the thoughts of how your life could be?
Who makes you spend all your days staring through that window smelling that breeze?

Who keeps you in this cage?

You know.

Now go.
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I like this too. :)