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I didn't even notice the days passing by, simply living makes time go faster.

I can't really say much about 2016, but some good stuff happened.

First, I had my first job, part time and volunteer work, but went gg. I worked as a tourist support clerk, met some cool people, met some shithead people, met some ok people. In the I had a good experience for a first job.
 I also finished the first year of my high school course, on the second now.

And well can't really say much more, time is always bland for me and worthy memories always die, so what I have to say is:

Happy new year, a fruitful and prosperous 2017 for you.
...for my great dismay.

Hello people, school started for me last september and mixed with my complete corpse like inactivity I don't do shit (Do I ever do something more than shit).

I don't know for how long this temporary boost will last, but I'll try to make something, emphasis be given to "try".

So if any of you wondered where I was, hello I'm here. Let's now see how long the engine lasts now eh?
Happy valentine's day for you guys, I managed to go through this day without hurling a chair or breaking a window! 

Either way the best of luck for you guys still single
Kindly stolen from :iconleavetheking:

Are you...
[x] male
[ ] female 
[ ] transgender 
[ ] other 
[x] heterosexual 
[ ] homosexual 
[ ] other sexuality 
[x] white 
[ ] Asian 
[ ] Hispanic 
[ ] Latino 
[ ] black 
[ ] other race 

Do you have...
[x] internet addiction 
[ ] drug addiction 
[ ] other addiction 
[ ] depression 
[x] Anxiety
[x] Autism (Asperger, but psychologists I can hardly be even classified as that) 
[ ] Schizophrenia 
[ ] Bipolar 
[ ] ADHD
[ ] eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia etc) 
[x] other mental disorders 

(as to Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder, who knows?)

You're living in...
[ ] a cardboard box on the streets 
[ ] a flat 
[x] terraced house 
[ ] Semi-detached house 
[ ] Detached house 
[ ] Mansion 

Not going to put the score


dA username: pretty obvious right?
Name: hahaha, no 
Nicknames: Many, but close friends call me Ingomar (German name) or Master (inside joke)
Gender: Already said, check the first question
Country: Portugal
Zodiac sign: Fishes


Number of past accounts: 0
Number of past usernames: read the previous question
First username: --
Original join date: November 2014
Premium member: No
Watchers: 58
Deviations: 117
Favorites: Dunno if the number's fucked up, but it says 6678 


Favorite Digital Art Program: None
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Pencil
Favorite dA Artists: Dunno
Favorite Movies: I have no idea, so many to choose from, but it would surely be a war movie
Favorite TV Shows: MLP, Bluestone 42
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Rammstein, Sabaton, Mushroomhead, and saving best for the end, Tengger Cavalry
Fandoms You're Stuck In: Brony fandom and sympathizer of the Furry fandom, but a great fan of Homestuck mainly


Sexual Orientation: Straight
Religious Affiliation?: Lithuanian Paganism (and some gods from other pagan faiths)
Pets: Two cats and two dogs
Scars?: Right wrist (not self inflicted), in my back (self inflicted), chest and left leg
Tattoos?: None, but I have some ideas of making a symbol of chaos tattoo in my right shoulder blade
Piercings?: None, never getting any
Alcohol?: No
Drugs?: No, and never getting into that shit
Height. Average
Weight: Average? I'm neither fat nor skinny


Digital or Traditional?: Traditional
Beach or Mountains?: Mountains
Dolphins or Sharks?: Sharks
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?: 50, not because of winning but because of pure madness
On sunny days, you: Stay inside
On rainy days, you: Stay inside
On hot days, you: Stay inside
On cold days, you: Stay inside


1. The words I say the most are: Scheiße (shit in German), Porra (Portuguese swearword) and my favorite: Fuckface
2. One time I was it in the head with a golf club and passed out for two minutes
3. I almost died two times
4. I keep having crushes, and I keep making the same mistake of trying again
5. I'm a "nice" person however if someone pushes the edge with me, I fuck them over
6. I have a thing for history and foreign languages
7. My favorite language is German
8. People usually find me a psycho
9. I have the habit of insulting people I care about as compliments, such as calling my best friend a cunt
10. I'm a philosopher and anarchist


How many OCs do you have?: More than I can count
What fandom do most of them belong to?: MLP fandom
Which one is your favorite?: My ponysona
Which one do you draw the most?: Dunno
Do you commission work of them?: Nope
Do you request work of them?: Nope (And I don't like to ask people for it)
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own?: No I don't ship (I once shi...)
How do you keep track of them?: I have photographic memory
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance?: No idea

Thanks for reading... Fuckfaces ^^

Merry Christmas to you all, and a Happy New Year!
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Hey my fellow Watcher and friends, besides saying to you guys that i'm not dead, there's some shit I have to talk about.

We all have breaking points, and after 10 years, I've hit mine, rage strikes, paranoia and that stuff. People I loved stabbed me in the back and left me for dead.

I've been in depression more than a month now, recently things started to get better and I hope that they'll keep that way, but guys take this has an example, pick your friends carefully, for most people out there are shit.
 For those who panic and think the worse, no i'm not going to kill myself, Deviantart has it's fair share of suicide messages, even after a life of misery filled with lack of sanity and coherence, I know that going down the suicide road is not an option.

As to the people I love and deeply care for, my thanks.

My PC is back and better than ever, it works with vista now which means i can use Mishira and finally give an use to my Picarto account.

In terms of art, i will be very busy with school and such (my usual time to arrive home is 7pm and i have to get up at 7:30am), but i've had been able to use some of my spare time to draw a bit, mainly studies i won't upload (unless relevant), but expect of course actual art to be uploaded.
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To those who wonder how I'm writing while the computer is away on virus cleaning, I'm writing this from a relative's PC.

On the past month I thought about writing a few journals because several changes have happened in my life, several emotional breakdowns that not even the ones close to me knew of, few even care the slightest.

The reason I didn't wrote before it was because it's my life and who would care about it, even people I cherish here in Da, I dunno if any of them would care in helping me though this, that's how my life has been, no one there for me, no true friendships, all you got to help you go through the hail is yourself and no one else.
That's why I care so much for others, even people I just met minutes ago (and sometimes sounding like a stalker unintentionally), because since I don't have companionship I can help others in avoiding that maddening, dark fate.

And hey, my friend :iconmane-shaker: has and is going through a "shock therapy" much more intense than mine, those who know him or know what he is going though will call me a pussy after reading this, but still some facts will stay unknown because anonymity has a price, I'm already risking it by writing this, so you won't know the full extent of what is happening.

With the vent stuff out of the way, let's be more serious.

This year my life changed drastically: in a minor thing, after 15 years of neglect due to mostly lack of funds my room has gotten an improvement, a new bed replaced the old creaking, with risk falling apart bed, a lot of the furniture has been changed, but changes aren't always for the best, after 15 years sleeping in that room that was my safe haven suffering such a sudden change didn't have the best of effects in me, people with Asperger react very badly to major, sudden changes in such a little time, in the first two days I slept in the living room because the room gave me a sense of dread every time I entered it, making me feel unwelcome and it gives off a claustrophobic sensation, the bed is very big and occupies 60% of my already small room, I only have three 50cm gaps to walk in my room on the sides and ends of the bed, things are pretty ok now, but the room is now a mere resting place.

Now the big stuff, I changed to a new school among other thing, it's about 4/5 Km from my home, today was the class meeting and I had a pleasant surprise: an old friend of mine went on the same course as me and we ended up in the same class.

I'm following the Humanities course (let's play sum Dark Souls 2 yeh!), it's a  course based around history and languages, i'll have History, German, English, Portuguese, Philosophy, Literature (should have chosen Statistics) and Physical Training.
Everything is new, not many responsibilities I'm alien to but the school is much better than the other places were I had studied before, the class might be completely new, but now I'm a more sociable person and things will hopefully work better than last time.

There are people I will never see again, but I've been alone all my life, and this new start will give me a chance to know what friendship truly is.

To people I think they would care :iconteslacloud::iconduh-veed::iconhitelf::iconmane-shaker::iconyashasd: wish me luck.
Hello hello everyone, I would like to thank for the 5000 page views milestone! It's wonderful that i've reached this far, I thought about making a celebration drawing but i'm very busy lately with other art projects and what will bring me to the next topic.

My PC is going for a virus cleanup, i'll be out and I dunno how much time i'll be out, but i'll check my DA and Steam accounts every time I can.

Cya soon!
My PC caught a virus I hope it's nothing too bad but it will have to be solved, I don't know how much time i'll be out
You might have noted the lack of art besides a few captions, i've been on an hiatus and I ran out of pencils, only today I got new ones so I can start drawing again.
Also Medieval 2 Total War as been consuming loads of my spare time (that shit is epic) so hey, I need to gather strength to sit down and draw something. 
Today it makes one year that I am in the fandom, Yay!
Damn, the season 5 premiere was awesome, I love it, I saw that many people took a liking for Double Diamond but here personally I liked Night Glider a lot, her design is very cool.
Expect art! I have already made some Starlight Glimmer drawings and Night Glider art will come too!
2000 views everypony! HUZZAH!
Just to say, it's me birthday!
So with the great new teasers and the release date of the new FIM season 5 i'm really hyped for it, the new villain's scenario screams story of the blanks what makes me even more hyped so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I said I had been making practice drawings and other ones but i've been busy, I had barely anytime this week to draw or upload stuff, expect stuff this weekend.
So here it is, my first rap battle and first one to be set on my MLP storyverse, I really love "Epic rap battles of history" so I had the need to do this.
So here it is, Pegakleios, the first emperor of the Pegantyne empire vs Sombra, the crystal addict ruler of the crystal empire.


Hey Sombra you came back
just to be wiped off the track
Please, I turned a flimsy little town
into a citadel of culture
Unlike your tower filled with your own manure


You built a "citadel", so what?
I created an empire with impenetrable borders
My army beated by time out of your warriors
Your "Fortress of the west" fell like the rest
It's time to sound the drum
Let's make blood run


We sure had some weak emperors
And a few dumb pretenders
You beated us a Marekert, beginner's luck
and then you retreated like you were lighting struck
I have a new weapon to show you and i'm sure it won't falter
How do you feel about fire that burns above the water?

If you don't know about this part of my storyverse, I recommend reading the description of my art Pegantyne infantry warrior unless you haven't already.

Epic rap battles of history belongs to NicePeter.

MLP FIM belongs to Hasbro.
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You guys may have noticed that I uploaded less drawing lately, this answer is simple, i've been busy both with real life stuff and pony stuff, listening to some pony music, writing, and doing general brony stuff.
This week I started doing practice drawings, testing new poses, expressions and the stuff, so I can draw something decent.
Also, yesterday I wrote a pony rap battle about my MLP storyverse, I expect to upload it today.