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Ardatani plasma weaponry by Anybronym0ti0n Ardatani plasma weaponry by Anybronym0ti0n
Another concept for Eon, yet again tackling the Ardatani species.
The Ardatani military technology is mainly focused on the use of plasma, from vessel guns to handheld weaponry.

The Plasma Rifle (Ryö'nte) uses a separate detachtable battery to provide energy to the magnetic coils on the barrel that stabilize the plasma.
For an ammo magazine it uses a cannister made out of an alloy of Wolfram (Tungsten) and Delcium (ficticious metal in Eon) to resist the high temperatures of the plasma (usually water plasma) encased in it. Its barrel has cooling ports that can be selectively opened to cool the barrel, as well as cooling liquids.

The Plasma Pistol (Ryö'ntelch) works the same way, only on a smaller scale, with the cannister being side mounted.

Lastly the Heavy Plasma Cannon (Ryö'ntelnachlur) dubbed "Glowgun" (Telhu't) by the Ardatani uses an inbuilt battery that is rechargeable through cable connection. It also sports more powerful coils (along with an external stabilization coil) and a bigger ammo cannister to support larger discharges. Due to these stronger and denser plasma discharges the gun has its barrel partially exposed to aid colling in addition to the cooling agents, ence why the name "Glowgun": due to the glow emanating from the plasma in the barrel.

Eon belongs to me.
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Tuccsok Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Student General Artist
"Eon belongs to me" could be such an epic quote in your universe, like one of the generals tell it at the end of a large scale battle: "Eon belongs to me" and poof, the other army is crushed.
My personal favourite is the heavy one, it looks great. Care for designing an anti personell/vehicle turret?
I also have some concepts for Equestrian plama weaponry. Sadly, I don't have here the concepts with me, so the only one that gots in my mind is the one that uses elemental crystal technology. (most of equestrian weaponry are based on equestrium (a fictional metal which is mainly found in equestria's soil) and elemental crystals, such as fire crystals, which when correctly paired with thunder/lightning crystals create plasma)
Anybronym0ti0n Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
Eon is just a name though, use to characterize the fiction in one word, since it's based on a millennia old spacefaring mankind. 
I'm however heavily considering in changing the name, because I found out that a known sci fi novel from the 80s (I believe so) that has the same name.

I could indeed of course, I already have many designs, the problem is that I don't draw as much as I should.

Btw I'm curious, the crystals do form plasma, but how does the gun withstand the heat?
Tuccsok Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Plasma weaponry sadly is a bit underdeveloped in the LotT universe, and scarcely used due to this. They have an air suction system, which is pretty underdeveloped and not very useful. They can overheat pretty easily. That's why ion weaponry is used mostly in Equestria. It is harder to creat, uses more energy, but lacks overheating. 
Anybronym0ti0n Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017
How do Ion weapons work then?
Tuccsok Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Student General Artist
I have been thinking about this for days, and today I got it finally.

When you pull the trigger, the weapon conducts energy from the power cell to a pair of bipolar crystals. They create an ionizing beam (the transparent blue part), which take away electrons from oxygene. These electrons are used later for cooling the weapon via liquid nitrogene. This ionized oxygene then is sucked into an internal condenser (vacuum inside), where the O+ ions are overheated, and shot out with the help of an electromagnetic accelerator (like in railguns). The damage varies wether the target is a machine or living organism. In the case of machines, the shot sucks out the energy out of the machine, making it simply unable to function. In case of organisms, it simply breaks the bonding power between atoms, so technically, it burns out a great part out of your flesh.

It might be scientifically unaccurate, but deal with it :D
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