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Here's the stuff I favorite, pretty obvious isn't it?


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You've reached my septic tank, why you chose to come to this one among the many in this site is with you and I honestly don't care.

Behave while here. I'm usually a nice guy yet have a very low level of patience for crap, in other words: Don't cross lines.

I mostly draw military and political stuff these days, feel free to take a look if that's your thing.
I don't do requests except in some very rare ocasions

With all formalities out of the way: Be nice, be polite. Aufwiedersehen.
I didn't even notice the days passing by, simply living makes time go faster.

I can't really say much about 2016, but some good stuff happened.

First, I had my first job, part time and volunteer work, but went gg. I worked as a tourist support clerk, met some cool people, met some shithead people, met some ok people. In the I had a good experience for a first job.
 I also finished the first year of my high school course, on the second now.

And well can't really say much more, time is always bland for me and worthy memories always die, so what I have to say is:

Happy new year, a fruitful and prosperous 2017 for you.



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Filip-Hammer Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017   Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave!
Tuccsok Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Student General Artist
Just passing by to say hello. Abraço :hug:
Anybronym0ti0n Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017
Hey hey, já não te via há uma data de tempo! Como tens estado?
ricardofr-200 Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
Cá vou indo, embora menos ativo in brony related stuff mas cá vou indo na mesma :)
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Anybronym0ti0n Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017
A lot
General-Sedivh Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Anybronym0ti0n Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
Porra que delícia de video que mandaste. Feliz ano novo Sed!
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