Whom do you get along better with, people from your your own gender or the opposite?
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Both equally, everyone loves me!
Opposite gender
Same gender
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By AnyaUribe
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well im a very hypersensitive person so I tend to get along with women an girls more. Because from what ive seen the average girl is more likely to keep that in mind than the average guy is  
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I find myself talking to women easier than men. I dunno...just do.
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I definitely get a long better with the opposite gender.
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Id say opposite but I get along with both......female tho and they seem to wanna talk to me about stuff.
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I get on better with girls if I'm honest, don't know why
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I'm kind of lacking in the friend department as of late, but I would have to say I get along better with girls than I do the guys. I mean, I hate people but I still need hugs, y'know?
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I seem to have more male friends than female.  My interests are mostly seem to male-dominate, like comics, games, films, etc.  I do have female friends, but I just don't see them often or know them that intimately (and they also live further away) as I do my male ones (who live closer).
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Neither...best to just hide in a cave...
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girls confuse me, hence, a lot of my friends are guys
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My personality; I either get along with everybody or wcome off as annoying when I'm trying to be friendly. The is one person I don't get along with though....
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Quoting Justin Halpern (guy who wrote 'Shit My Dad Says'), "I Suck At Girls".
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Depends as both sides can get to acting like complete bitches and assholes which i'm neither a fan of (this goes both ways for both sides by the way, lol)
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I have more male friends than females, but I'd say my female friends tend to be nicer to me. In my opinion men can be less drama than women and backchat less (no offence, although I am a girl myself lol), but the shame is a lot of men my age can be jerks and only concerned about one thing, so it's hit and miss really. I don't really have many friends in real life I get to see anyway, my boyfriend is more or less the only true friend I have nowadays :shrug:.
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I honestly don't think it's a matter of gender for me,
to me it's a matter on what kinda person they are.
What kind of interests we share & all, that's my opinion.
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I always get along better with women. Also, I can only hug girls. I can't hug a guy without feeling extremely uncomfortable. I literally freeze up as if someone's trying to rape me.
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I get along with everyone just as poorly.
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It usually doesn't matter to me, half the time I don't even know online
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Yeah but I meant in person :XD:
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Ahh, in person I'm good with anybody I guess, as long as they aren't jerks :)
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I ask this because I've come to the (sad) conclusion that I seem to get along better with guys than girls, and I have more male friends than females.
Not that I dont have female friends. In fact my closest friends are girls and they're like my sisters.
However, it's extremely rare to meet nice or friendly girls my age anywhere I go, so I honestly don't even try to be nice anymore (as awfull as that sounds :ashamed: )
Take for instance one of the places I frequent the most.. the comicbook shop (Yes.. I'm very lame)
There's very few girls there but those who are there when I go are not thrilled with my presence.
There is one in particular which seems rather displeased with my presence and is not shy to let it show.
Even without exchanging words she has managed to make me feel uncomfortable for being there at the same time as her.
I won't go into much detail but she just dislikes me without knowing anything about me (Other than I read mostly DC) and is not shy to let it show.
The funny thing tho is that she is all smiles, giggles and puppy eyes with all the guys there. All of them!
And if this type of thing happened only at the comic shop I probably wouldn't think too much of it but the thing is It's the Bank also, and the bus, and Office depot and so on..
Most recently the grocery store.. my gosh the female cashiers can be plain Nasty. Yet the guys putting the stuff in the bags are very sweet.
This is horrible.
All this makes me think of Lana's song "This is what makes us girls we don't stick together cause we put our love first" which in this case you can change "love" for a penis and presto.
This is depressing.
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Well, it could mean you're a basic Muse personality or a Tomboy.  A Muse personality rubs most females the wrong way because there's something about them that just means "Competition," or "Doesn't fit into female role."  These are just basic personality aspects and something that at your core, not your whole being.  I'd say just accept it and be yourself.  My partner is very much the same way.  She has several more guy friends over female friends.  It's kind of frustrating, but at her core she's a muse and fights that part of herself a great deal. She also has some Tomboy qualities as well. 

Also it should be noted that the Femme Fatal (which is the opposite side of the Muse personality) hates and despises the Muse personalities almost on sight.  It's a weird phenomenon.  But then again they see all other females as competition.  The only personality they hate more are the ones most like themselves.

Just a little dime store psychology.
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Sounds plausible, and that would explain my severe shy-ness and insecurity issues :XD:
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Well, the Muse isn't shy.  She accepts everything about herself and the others around her.  The muse helps inspire others around her and finds herself most comfortable around artistic/creative types, though she is quite comfortable around men in general. 
Most shyness stems from insecurities.  Accomplishing goals, and doing things you believe are right and fair, and practicing are the only helpful ways I know to overcome shyness.

It also helps to remember, "The world is how you perceive it."

More dime store psychology.  Hope it helps.
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