What makes You -Unwatch-(unfollow) Someone?
284 votes
Lack of updates
Too much updates
Change of direction
Decreasing quality
Polls like this one :lmao: :D :rofl:
Other (wha wha?)
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By AnyaUribe
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Apenas hasta ahora veo esta encuesta, y me dieron ganas de opinar.

Por muy bueno que sea el artista, si su actitud es de un lacra, lo unwatcheo y ya.

Dos breves ejemplos: uno de ellos dibuja bien (o dibujaba, le dio por almacenar todo su trabajo) pero cada que intentaba comentarle lo que sea, contestaba de un modo innecesariamente sarcástico. El colmo fue cuando dijo "llegue a los 100 watchers, es hora de borrar a algunos" y me dije "¿queeeè? ¿a poco puedes borrar a tus watchers? y aunque pudieras ¿de que se trata entonces?" le di unwatch, y cuando me lo topè en Tumblr hace pocos meses, su actitud seguía siendo la misma.

Otro caso: un dibujante de ascendencia latina, pero que por vivir en Los Ángeles hoy reniega de sus raíces. El verdadero problema vino cuando se atrevió a agredir a un artista canadiense (el autor de "Post-Apocalypse Romance", no me acuerdo como se llama) y tanto los fans de el canadiense como los propios admins le dijeron que le bajara a su actitud. Entonces este geniecillo que se pone a chillar, a hacerse la vìctima (Oh my god, no hay libertad de expresion en este sitio) y a hacer encuestas en las que decia "Quien en mejor USA o Canada" y a los que se atrevieron a votar a favor de Canada les decia de cosas. Dibuja damiselas buenerrimas, pero gente asi de idiota no se merece ni un fave.

La calidad del arte influye para darle watch a alguien, pero la actitud determina si seguimos adelante o no.

Y al revès: hay gente que "dibuja feito" pero da gusto conocer.
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Basically, boorishness.  If they're being a jerk to me or to people I know, I drop 'em like a hot brick.
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I've only ever unwatched 1 (one) person and that was over a long string of personality disconnects.  I'm not naming names but I grow increasingly tired of talking to self-proclaimed "victims," the ones who never do anything wrong but always seem to be the center of trouble.  I don't mind offering helpful advice but when I'm attacked for doing so?  Yeah, I'm outtie.  :)
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No suelo quitar watches pero si el artista empieza a tomar una actitud negativa
con su publico o a empezar dramas todo el tiempo, no importa que tan buen artista sea, le quito el watch.
Me pueden seguir gustando mucho sus obras pero, en esos casos, empiezo a mirar más a la distancia, visitando su galería de vez en cuando (y, eventualmente, dejando de visitarlas).

Eso, y la falta de actividad, si ya son varios meses... aunque pasa que me gustan mucho las obras de uno y lo sigo watcheando, esperando que un día regrese :XD:
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It's usually if they have a sudden drop in personality, like if they were a rather nice person before then they suddenly take any anger out on their watchers.
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If someone gets mean, I rarely stop watching people. :)
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I rarely unwatch. If I do, it's usually either due to them making multiple hateful rants or a significant change in their art that I feel isn't for the better.
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I rarely unwatch, but when I do it's mostly a combination of too many updates for me to follow and loss of interest in their material.
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since da has become a somewhat anti-social site. (which suits me perfectly) 

the only view i get into someone's personality is their journals or polls. which are mostly full of advertising, rants, and the occasional tumblr link.  

what makes me unwatch? um, close to nothing. if someone deletes their account, it's removed from my list.
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Either being racist or having Inque as an avatar..either works
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I stopped watching one guy when I could no longer ignore what an ass he was.  It's too bad, too, 'cause he's a talented pin-up artist.  But he wrote this journal entry in which he actually bragged about having flung a bunch of crude, unprovoked insults at another artist on this site, just because he didn't like their work.  It demonstrated such a lack of class, I unwatched him immediately.  The guy is still really popular, so it's not like he needs my support anyway.

One other guy I unwatched after he did a fetishistic comic involving characters from one of the most beloved childrens shows of all time.  There are certain fetishes I just have no stomach for, plus the fact that he tainted something I hold sacred made it especially offensive.  I couldn't help but voice my displeasure, but I didn't really like myself for having to be such a killjoy, so unwatching him was partly an altruistic gesture.  I unwatched him to spare myself from having to see stuff I didn't care for and also to spare him from having to put up with my bad attitude.  When it came right down to it, I didn't know why I was watching him anyway- I think maybe it was just because he watched me first.   
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I'm sorry your stuck with me ;p
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When an artist decides DA is a perfect soap box for them to start getting political.  If you want to make a political statement do it via art, not long winded journal posts. And even then it requires a certain amount of tact.
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I unwathed few artists, and the motiv was because they go out of DA and a big lack of updates
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Sometimes it is jut to make room for another artist who seems interesting while not getting to big a plate...
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I've only unwatched a couple people, and that was because the one-sided and/or intolerant political/social/religious views in their journals/art got to be way too much for me.
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lack of interest, mostly.
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Where's the "You've maxed out the watch list over 5000 and need to unwatch to make space for more?" :XD:
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I think supporting your friends is important,everyone may have  a lazy time or be a bit inactive.
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What makes me unfollow someone? When you simply can't get agree with their views.
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inactivity, drawing male nudity (Steve doesn't swing that way) or just being an abrasive jerk.
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Sometimes I have to trim back how many people I watch because I often get 1000+ updates a week and I can't keep up with it all.

Generally I unfollow groups that spam content, people who are no longer active, sometimes people who start posting really offensive journals, that sort of thing.

My problem is when I have over a thousand things to review I get intimidated and don't look at it all
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Usually it'd have nothing to do with their art, just that they start posting journals about strange topics or outwardly start to spout hate about something or another.
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