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Yuck! Did you fought a tiger or something?
I dont mind them.
Who cares? I am not that superficial.
I would never date someone who has them.
As long as the rest is fine I don't care.
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By AnyaUribe
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So what? Stretch marks are a part of life, like losing and gaining weight. Bodybuilders get stretch marks as well. Big deal.
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I dont know what stretchmarks is. I dont THINK I ever had them, but if I do, i'll freak out. I had enough of marks on my body.
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i don't care if she has them, they can tell a hidden story.....nothing to worry about tho, doesn't change the fact she sexy, an amazing person....god i got them and they do tell a story.
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God, I'd like to think I'm not that superficial, but I'd be lying if they didn't attract my notice negatively.  Not that it would have any impact on my relationship with the person who had them in any way, but we are kind of brainwashed from babies that we are supposed to have smooth flawless skin, despite the fact that no human being in existence does.

Now me, I can do one better.  Surgery scars.  Had my hips replaced.  Each of my cheeks looks like a football with the stitch up one side. :laughing:
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I have them, and I totally hate them... 
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I have them on my badonkadonk.
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i have em too...and both gfriends have had em for like ever so i don't judge that...i judge peoples hearts and actions.
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Physical appearance rarely bothers me, god knows I'm no prize myself, so I don't judge other people when it comes to physical appearance, so stretchmarks, extra weight, anything like that never bothers me when it comes to women. Though I guess I'm a hypocrite because I am a bit pickier when it comes to guys V(-_-')V
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They're not a big deal at all.
Heaps of people have them and it doesn't make them any less attractive.
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They can be even sexy. But I am a damn fetishist so...
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Everybody gets stretch marks.  I have them on my upper thighs (like close to my private areas).  My ex had them on her breasts and stomach.  Never bothered me in the least, and still don't now.  If I were to see you in real life wearing revealing attire with your stretch marks shown, you wouldn't have anything to worry about.  I wouldn't say anything about them at all (because like many people have said here, it's a natural occurrence within the body), and I would still give you very long and close hugs.
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stretchmarks are trophies, scars earned from battling in life, they can be reminders of struggles with oneself, or memories of having given life.
i remember when i got each stretchmark, they usually signify a big change in my life. 
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I've got them, so eh. Don't care for them on myself, they always seem rather dead to me, put 'other' because they're there and 'harmless'.
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I have my share of marks as well. They came from growing up. Nothing to be ashamed of. :)
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My wife has them. Heck I'm the reason they're there. Doesn't make me love her any less. Also I have matching stretch marks from when I gained a lot of weight quickly. :P
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I've had stretchmark ever since I was 10. I had an allergic reaction and hives would pop up on my skin. When they went down, I had stretchmark on my shoulders, stomach, and legs. I still have them and I have yet to wear anything that shows off my arms, stomach, or legs.   
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I got a few when I was pregnant. coca butter or shea butter lotions do the trick over time. 
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Just about everyone gets stretch marks. It's just a fact of life and nothing at all to be ashamed of. I've dated people of all shapes and sizes and almost everyone I've dated had stretch marks. Dated a thin guy who had stretch marks because he used to lift weights. Most women get stretch marks when though go through puberty and their breasts get big. It's not a big thing. 
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I actually got mine from growing up, not out XD
You can even tell that they are from that, most of my family got them from a growth spurt. 
But I do have some on my boobs, from them growing really fast... Just on my sides and boobs, thankfully, not legs or anywhere else. 
Im not one to flash them, but I dont hide them generally either. Its me, my body, and people can either accept that or reject it. Theres only one person whom I care on an opinion on my body ;)

Just signs of growth, nothing major. Skinny people, fat people, tall people, even some short people have them. Just a part of natural body growth. 
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Other than they can make you more slippery :iconslipperyhugplz:     :XD:
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Never even thought about them. XD
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Stretch marks just mean either you were small and got big - or you were big and got small.

either way, what's the big deal?

People are naturally riddled with all kinds of "imperfections", freckles, scars, birth marks, knife wounds, sun spots, bit bites, scabs, dark spots, light spots, moles, bumps, calcium deposits, cellulite,  stretch marks are just one of those things that come with being a person.
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Thank you. I wish I could've voiced my opinion as eloquently as you. But I'm not that good with words.
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