OJ Simpson
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...Orange Juice Simpson?
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By AnyaUribe
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For the people who didn't remeber OJ or the 90s:
This is what happened youtu.be/uC9HezztcTU
This is the trial youtu.be/oekVybPG1kA
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Gracias por el link :)
Pero y tu que opinas del caso?
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Pa mí que sí fué y nomás separó los dedos para que  hiciera como que no le cabían los guantes, creo hasta el Mago Enmascarado de A&E le hubiera sacado el truco.
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Yes (guilty) - but he may have not been alone.
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Whether guilty or not, Karma is a b!tch as clearly you can see where he currently resides!!
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Como dicen los americans "Some blast from the past"

Pues... (y que conste que es una hipótesis loca y personal) para ese entonces estaba reciente lo de Rodney King y las revueltas en Los Angeles, así que "tuvieron" que declararlo inocente para evitar que volviera a estallar la bomba del odio racial. (Y para colmo el juez era asiático, como para complicar a propósito el mosaico racial) Además, el hecho de que fuera un héroe del football nos muestra como al idolatrar a una persona caemos en la falsa empatìa de perdonarle su peores errores.

Y peor aùn, esto nos muestra el poder de los medios (o al menos el que tenían antes del boom de la red)
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I don't know much of that story, so I can't say anything... ^^;
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OJ didn't do it......he PAID someone to do it.
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Then he must have hired the worst hitman on the planet :O
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Never said he used professionals.
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No idea, the case didn't get much coverage outside America, so I don't know many of the details.
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He is just a nut.
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They actually turned the TV's on in high school to hear the verdict. I mean, it had nothing to do with any of the classes. I was sixteen and remember being shocked to hear other rooms cheering at the verdict. And this was a small mostly white catholic school with about 400 people total with only one or two black students. (I'm not catholic)
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That shocks me for several reasons..
I know that it's considered the trial of the century, but even school classes were paused for it? THAT is to have power, wow..
Second, they all cheered? That scares me a little bit...
And third.. you're how old exactly!? I don't know a lot about you (or anything at all, to be honest.. well, other than you rock those prismacolors like a pro) but I have seen your pics and you look like you're in your twenties, I thought you were about my age.. But you were in highschool when this happened? which means you must have been .. what.. 13-14? So you're what 32-33? (yes, I SUCK at math, Dont judge) Sweet Jebus.. What's your secret?
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Haha your made my day! People are usually surprised to hear my age when they find out (I never mention it, either, unless they ask). Your math is actually close. I was a sophomore so I was either 15 or 16. I'll actually be 35 in October. My secret is..I was bitten by a vampire when I was in my twenties. For real, though, kind of related to vampires is that I think it might be because I don't go out in the sum often (or enough to get damage). That, or I'm kind of like Michael J Fox.

I can't remember if every classroom turned on a TV. I think another classroom did and we could hear it in our room because it was loud. And I think it was only the verdict part and then they turned it off. I don't think they had the TV on before that and during every class. I have no idea why. Maybe it was because it was the "trial of the century" and they wanted us to see the result as it happened. I wonder if it is currently like that in South Africa with Oscar Piss.. I can't spell it. Apparently it is getting more attention than Nelson Mandela's funeral.

As for the people cheering, I actually couldn't believe it. Like, I think black people were "glad" that OJ was not guilty because a black person "beat the system." Believe me, I know black people in the US are highly discriminated against by police and unfairly arrested and everything. It's difficult to simply be black. Many don't realize that and don't fully understand unless they are black. But in this case two people were killed and people cheered. People didn't talk of the victims, only OJ.

And thanks for the markers compliment. That means a lot from you!
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I am disappointed to see no "Well, at least he was in the Naked Gun movies..." option!
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Suuuuuuuper Guilty.  Also, Cochran told O.J. to not take his arthritis medication a few days prior to the infamous "Gloves check", so the joints in his hands would be swollen enough for the gloves to be an improper fit.
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Was this confirmed? :O
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Officially?  Hard to say.  Some documents were leaked a few years back from people who said they helped Cochran during the case  as paralegals/case workers (one of them is confirmed to have assisted Cochran during the tria, and two more did work with Cochran, but weren't documented as officially assisting during the case); details of it included what I mentioned, as well as a strategy to discredit the L.A.P.D. and the lead prosecutor.  But those latter details are part of any defense attorney's plan.  It does come from a credible source, but I can't say that its 100% confirmed, unfortunately.  Its really up to you and your judgement, is all I can say.
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He always looked to me like a killer in the shadows waiting to spring.
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.... I love Orange Juice.... In all honesty, nothing to do with me. From the other side of the pond.
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