How was 2017 for You?
436 votes
Pretty good :)
Pretty bad :(
Meh :shrug:
Mixed Bag :/
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By AnyaUribe
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Better than 2016 at least
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Por el ambiente está matando la democracia en mi País, y posiblemente seamos la Venezuela V.2
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As someone else put it, 2017 "was personally adequate, and globally awful."
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On a personal level I did okay, but existential despair as the world seems to be getting pretty bad doesn't exactly do you any good.
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Generally this year was a mixed bag. 

Good Points:
Went to Bansko, Bulgaria
Went to Kos, Greece
Went to Manchester, England and did "The Crystal Maze : Live Experience."
Won a special Crystal from The Crystal Maze TV Series Facebook Page.

Bad Points
Knowing Donald Trump being president and seeing him doing jack shit..
Having my mother in hospital for weeks and even during christmas.