Have you or would you ever give a second chance to a lover (partner, etc)?
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By AnyaUribe
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forever alone, couldn't tell ya
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I'm sorry you feel that way :(
But that's bull :)
Give it time :nod:
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It really depends. If you were able to stay friends after the breakup, then it could work, but if you're only getting back with them because you are lonely, then it's probably a bad idea.
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You're.. Probably right, yes :nod:
Thanks for sharing :)
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Wanted to with my ex-girlfriend five years back, but never got the chance to. She moved on and got married, and I never dated again. My feelings towards dating have since taken a bitter turn, and I don’t see myself ever dating another person again.
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I'm very sorry to hear that :(
and even more sorry from hearing you speak and think like that..
I'm kind of a hypocrite tho.. because I do that sometimes after a breakup..
However you're still young and have a whole life ahead of you :)
Give it time :star:
And thank you very much for sharing! :bow:
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Well I dated my ex for 2 year we broke up after a long distance relationship didn’t work out we got back together after a year breaking up, he called and got back together but 6 months later I fell my love for him died out,so we agreed that it’s ok to see other people two years later I’m ok,as long as I have my health,my creative, and surrounded by friends and family I’m going to be ok,and I enjoy singlesville 
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Despite the fact that I was sad to hear how it ended,
I'm glad to hear you were able to turn things around :)
However you are still young, you have much more to come.
Thank you for sharing your experience, I appreciate it.
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most every time i give a second chance...the person does the same thing...again
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I'm really sorry to hear that :(
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
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it happens
if a person does opt to give someone a second chance...you just have to be aware that unless the other person wants to change...they wont
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My first ex, Christy, was given three chances, and each time she has cheated on me. My second ex, Bambi, only two times, and she too cheated on me. My most recent ex, Michelle, abandoned me because I was unfit for the farm life. I cannot see myself giving her a second chance. Now, I'm all alone.
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I'm sorry to hear that, it's their loss though :shrug:
I'm sure they won't end up well in the long run.
And thank you very much for sharing, I appreciate it.
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no, second chances are bad calls on such matter. No matter how much advantageous would be its not worthy a second disappointment. 
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A very respectable position :nod:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)
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I did, it was probably the worst decision I made.
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I'm very sorry to hear that, but thank you for sharing.
It's good to hear both sides :nod:
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I can forgive, but forget, never :/
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I have to agree with you on that :shrug:
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I think that each case is different. You should give a chance as much as you wish someone give that same chance for you if you do some shit.

In my case, I did that shit and was forgiven
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Agreed on all points given :)
And I'm glad to hear it went well for you :aww:
Thank you very much for sharing! Obrigada!
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Don´t mention it. Helping others should be always a pleasure. ;)
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