Faving a lot from someone is...?
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Ugh annoying...
Great! Especially if they fav me hehehe...
Depends... How much is "a lot"?
Hey, the more the better...
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By AnyaUribe
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I very rarely get comments on my art, but am always thankful for a fav, and usually post a thanks on their page if I can find the piece they :+fav:ed in their list of favorites.

I personally do a lot of fav bombs because I'll discover someone's work from another site that links back to dA, so I'll favorite a large amount of their work in one sitting, but since I'm terrible at vocalizing my feelings on a piece in the spur of the moment I often negect commenting.
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In my case I can tell who found my page recently because of all the new favs coming in.  That or someone I know is watching me already needed some time to get caught up.  I personally don't have a problem with it.
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I guess I'm a bit of a sourpuss, because I used to get annoyed at people who :+fav:ed a bunch of my stuff at once- I'd even leave slightly sarcastic thank you's on their pages. However, now I mostly just feel apathy towards those people, which I suppose is slightly better than outright resenting them. It's not that I ascribe sinister motives to their actions- except when I suspect someone is just faving everything in sight in order to ramp up their pageviews. I just don't find it particularly flattering, because if they're faving a lot of my stuff, chances are, they're faving everyone else's as well, so it doesn't make me feel special. Also, those sorts of people usually never comment, and comments are far more meaningful to me than :+fav:s. I get how it can be difficult to come up with something to say; I've wrestled with that myself. If I stopped to think of a worthwhile comment for every piece of art I've appreciated, I'd have no time left in my day for anything else. But if someone is going to fav half my gallery, the least they could do is leave one or two comments. Favs alone don't make me feel good. It's takes almost zero effort to click the :+fav: button. If you were a chef who had laid out samples of food that you'd worked really hard to prepare, and then someone comes over, scarfs down a little of everything, and then leaves without even acknowledging you, would you find that flattering? Sure, they seemed to like the food, but to not even give a single word of encouragement is simply bad manners.
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only negative about faving lots at once is they don't count as pageviews.(i noticed that when faving lots to get the pageview screensave... i faved 20 and only 3 counted)...besides that it's flattering in my opinion...i do it lots and lots do it to me.
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I liked getting faved but it's a bit worrisome when someone faves my entire gallery or close to it which has happened a few times. I'm just wondering are they planning to do something with them, or, if they like everything why don't they just click on my gallery every now and again and peruse instead of "capturing" them as faves?
And I agree that getting a comment is probably preferable to getting a fave.
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Well... comments would be better than just a whole bunch of faves...
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I honestly think it's great to fav multiple pictures within a gallery. It shows how much their work has hit you and how much you appreciate them. You can even receive feedback from people paying attention to your gallery like that, which in turn can help you grow as an artist!

I do worry sometimes when I try... go nuts in someones galley, but in my experience they don't mind. They even thank me for them sometimes, so... that's always good! 

I wouldn't mind it myself either. Again, it shows how much my work as effected them. :3
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I think it's good, but I always feel nervous about adding too many of one's deviations to my favorites because I worry that they might view me as crazy. I know everyone's different, but you never know.
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ok, can u name me the ppl who think like that so I personly bitch slap the shit outta them?  cuz that dont make any damn since.
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:lmao: Nope! No more drama anymore, sorry! :XD:
But if you want to see who some of those people are just read the profiles, descriptions and comments on the front pages :nod:
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ahh u suck haha.
but 4real. i understand u get spam from the same ppl who keep thanking u for every fav. but this is just ass backward
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Its kinda the same tho. Favs and thanks are a way of showing you appreciation :XD:
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i know but still
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I think it's great.  The artist receiving the favorites should feel great satisfaction because their art inspired people to pass on their love of it and help support that artist.  I favorite a lot of an artist if I like them because I want to support them and show them just how great their talent is, which should inspire them to continue doing what they are doing.  It's a win win, really, and part of why I love the DA community that has been nothing but warm and supportive since I joined.
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I don't get it, why on earth would anyone be annoyed with people loving their art and faving a bunch of it? lol That's like really flattering. Not annoying. 
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That's what I also think but if you take a look at some of the profiles of some artists (Some are extremely popular) you'll find very different opinions :confused:

Some even get pissed when they thank them for the favs :shrug:
Like the guy who makes those animations involving men dressing like women and such, in his frontpage you can see him calling the thanks a "spam" :no:
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Whoa, for real? Dang, how can anyone be like that? I wonder why the even bother to post their art if they are gong to act like that, Sheesh. Some people are so ungrateful. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If I see an artist acting like that, I think I'd have to say something to them, or at least unwatch them. Thankfully I've never noticed anyone saying stuff like that, or acting like a jerk to people who fave a lot of their art. That's a total compliment, not something to get pissed about. Lol I really don't understand some people. 
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Took me a while but I found him again :D
He deleted his old profile and made a new one but it's basically the same and I'm still blocked :lmao:

In case you were wondering who does this type of thing, this one does. Just please no fighting or anything like that :no:
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ROFL That tool is so full of himself. He thinks just because people fave a bunch of his photos that hey are stealing them!? WHAT? lol He then says that if someone faves a bunch of his images he will delete the images. What the? .... I'm...speechless. 

SO he deletes his own art because he doesn't like when people fave it? What an assclown. Why does he even bother posting them then? 

I've honestly never seen anything like that. lol That's funny - thanks for pointing him out. It gave me a good laugh. :rofl: All you can really do when someone acts that idiotic is laugh at them. 
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It's hard to say, I think some people would get annoyed by it and others would find it flattering.

I know I'm guilty of faving an absurd amount of pic by someone, though I tend to be gone from DA for long periods of time and some of the people I watch upload like daily and I just can't bring myself to skip their work I mean people put effort into their works, also I just find that if I like the pic or I see some improvement in their skill I'll fave it.
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I don't mind how much someone faves my work! To me it means " hey they like what I do " and I feel honored and it makes me happy that someone out their loves my art and are willing to fave it.

Also, I go on faving spams all the time! If I love something it's getting a fave...simply because I love it and it deserves to be fave'd!! I'm letting someone know they did amazing and I loved it enough to wanna save it in my fave folders!!

I find it extremely weird that some artist actually hate it or block people......someone is so in love with what you do that they want to fave it...how could that ever be a bad thing?! Especially if the sole reason for faving it is cause they freaking enjoy it, lol!!

Ya know!? 

It's like small little trophies!! Hehe! :giggle:
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It doesn't bother me at all, its a fast way for people to communicate appreciation. My problem is keeping up with everything
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For me a lot of times I don't have time to give a comment on their art so I Fav it to say "Hey I really like this great work!!"
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A sign they admire your art/actually care.
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