Casey Anthony
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By AnyaUribe
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I followed the case closely for months, still I think that if she killed her daughter, was negligence. 
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I don't know enough about the case...
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What my instinct tells me doesn't mean anything pertaining to the way we heard and saw from the publicity.  Nor 99% of our instincts or opinions.
...and I'm curious how this effects our lives as well.  
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I'm willing to believe it really was an accident, but nonetheless it seems there was no attempt to resuscitate the girl, her body was hidden and then the woman went on with her life as if nothing happened. If not murder, that's at least criminal negligence.
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It's 100% ridiculous that she was found not guilty. She had been saying all her daughter's life she didn't like her, once she went "missing" she went partying and living it up, driving her friends around WITH the body in the car, even after her friends commented on the reek of decay, and all under the lie that her daughter was with some nanny that didn't even exist. 

I know you need more concrete evidence than this, and I can't even remember what the autopsy report said-- but this alone should have been enough to throw her ass in jail for life. And that's WITHOUT regard to all the evidence that can come from the simplest crime scene evidence-- if the girl had been, say, stabbed, the wound shape could show what weapon was used ( and their house or any place they'd been recently, and any nearby places could be searched for discarded knives that may match the wounds and DNA evidence ), the spatters and death of the wounds could reveal countless things like age, sex, how many times they were stabbed, what time it was/ how long ago. If she'd been beaten, the blood risen under the bruises would show a lot to the same as I just said, and well as a FAIR amount of DNA evidence. Fuck, even if the poor girl'd just been LEFT in the car to suffocate, there have been so many cases where that happened WITHOUT all the "positive reaction" from the killer where the killer is found guilty just BECAUSE it was their child/ car/ everything pointed to them.

I cannot fathom why this shit passed. She's a middle-class white chick, but that's about the only thing she's got going privilege-wise. Cases involving murdered/ missing children ( at least with white children ) usually are brought to justice. I really do not understand.
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I want to know why the two people who voted innocent think that.
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another case where, public opinion and in some ways evidence pointed to a obvious outcome. But yet, it wasn't. From what I read and heard ( I was on a family vacation in Disney when it happened) She really couldn't account for her where a bouts and gave conflicting stories during th investigation.
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Yeah. She lied a LOT, and while people were out looking for her baby she was partying.
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The woman acused of killing her own daughter.
A disturbingly similar (yet even worse) case to the OJ Simpson incident.
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Oh yeah. I think they had a lot to prove she was guilty. What about you?
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This case Infuriated me far more than the OJ case because it was the Mother! My gosh.. And the evidence is astounding!! Even if there were others involved in the death of her child, it was extremely clear she had a part in it, more so than anyone else did. What kind of mother goes along with this kind of thing?

It's disgusting :(
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It is. :( Hell even Jerry Springer said he would never EVER bring her on his show. And he's brought on a lot of controversial people on his show.
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