At what age did you have your first KISS?
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Teenage years
Post 30's
I haven't had my first kiss yet
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By AnyaUribe
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I was 7 years old. Tongue and all. My teacher thought telling my mother would get me disciplined and punishment. But my mother laughed it off and told her friends about it.

Me kissing girls would continue throughout my school years, until I slowed down in my adult life where romance took a backseat to casual sex.
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In fact I was 18. Right 18 years-old. I remember that because was the first time I traveled alone to another state. Funny, but was a real cool experience. I guess because I was nervous. XD huahauhauahaua
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I was 15 and I dated a 21 yr old,lol!! Fun times I guess. :)
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This is one of those times where it sounds like I would be making this up.

I was 14 years old and she was 13, but she talked like a little girl and tried to tell me that her sister (who was 16) was actually her mother. This girl came on to me way too strongly, and it made me a bit uncomfortable, including saying things like "You can put your sperm inside of me and you won't get me pregnant!"

I was not okay with the idea of her age, plus at that time, several girls had pretended to come on to me. When I said "okay, kiss me", she told me she didn't kiss on the first date. Anyways, I did a lot with her and she did kiss me on the first date.
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I didn't have my first kiss until I was 23. I wasn't attractive...or popular.
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A los 16 años, aunque yo no lo di, me lo dieron! Wink/Razz 
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Mine was six years ago, with my first, last, and only girlfriend. Haven’t kissed another since, and more than likely, never will.
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First kiss at 26 years old, it's not like i did not have multiple opurtunities its more like i had some stupid ideas about romance and sex.

For example, thinking you needed to LOVE someone before sex, as though if you had sex with a woman  and you did not love her that the only way that could have happened is if you tricked her into thinking you loved her. So in my head it was like, better write up contract that clearly states my intentions. You know stupid.

Also thinking that "Pick up" was some kind of trick, pick up is just another way to say courting, even fish have a mating dance courting ritual before laying eggs that get inseminated.

Another stupid belief is thinking that the woman will approach the man first, it does happen sure, but its not the norm, really if you are a dude learn to look people in the eye, stand up straight and for fucks sake brush your  teeth and keep your fingernails clean, if you do that you are 70% of the way to getting a woman to notice you.

I wrote up a guide on courting ladies a while back, hope helps.

How to Court Ladies
Here is my method to pick up women at a club
Cut your nails or at least keep them clean, if you are going to finger blast a woman she wants to know you nails are clean.
Have a shower
Dress in form fitting clothes
Go to a club at about 8 pm, there should be a table of about three women nursing their first drinks, not interacting with each other waiting for someone a guy to come talk to them, but that won't happened because men(boys) are afraid to talk to women when sober and talking to sober women. (yes there is always a group of three single women at any club between 8 and 10 pm waiting to be hit on FACT!!!)
Most guys will only talk to women when drunk but it takes until about 10pm before they have the balls to do so and by that time the women will have said, fuck it, and decided to just get hammered and keep to themselves, its way to harder to pick up when they are like this.
Approach them between 8 and 10pm, do it sober, do it when they are sober,
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Wow, thank you very much for sharing in such depth :star:
I hope the guys here check it out ;P

As a side note, sometimes women are forced to approach the guy
because the guy just doesn't have the guts to be the one to make the first move..
It happened to me recently, where I had to make the first move simply because
he wouldn't do anything other than just stare at me.. constantly.. And as soon as
I made the first move he sort of woke up and began stepping up (Like a guy should! IMO)
So if most men would just do that, dating would be a much muuuuch happier place to be in.
Just sayin' :giggle:
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I was a pre-teen, and she already had her growth spurt, so she was a full head taller than me.  She had to bend down and kiss me.
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Aww That's soo sweet! :aww:
Thank you for sharing! :)
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I've dated a few tall girls after that as well.
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Never had my first kiss XD
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I have a confesion to make..
I guess I was a bit of a slut at 5 years old :blushes:
because not only was my first kiss at that age..
but it happened at a bathroom in total darkness :giggle:
His name was Hugo, he was my first boyfriend and he was
one year older than me so I was living like a bad girl :XD:
We used to play husband and wife, he was a crime fighter
and I was his loving wife who used a small whip to cook hahaha :D
Oh.. and when my Dad found out, he beat my ass.. Quite bad...
Oh the good ol' days :aww:
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Ojalá y aquí pudiéramos darle Like a los comentarios...
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Owww que pena :blushes:
No pense que verias esto... :ashamed:
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¿Pena? ¿Por ser capaz de sentir amor y expresarlo tan libremente? Al contrario, es un honor conocer gente tan humilde y linda capaz de abrir así su corazón.
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