Are You Superstitious? (broken mirrors, black cats, stairs etc)
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Of course not!
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By AnyaUribe
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I think about it at times, but I'm more into the science aspect, making superstitions less likely to bother me
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Maybe. I'm open-minded.
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It'd probably be a terrible, constantly terrified life if I were, since I was born on a Friday the 13th.
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Un poquiiito.

En vez de creer en las mismas supersticiones de toda la gente, tengo las propias.

¿Gatos negros? Tengo dos. ¿Escaleras? Para nada. ¿Tirar la sal? Si acaso es un desperdicio y un desorden, pero hasta ahí. ¿Romper espejos? Lo mismo: es peligroso por el vidrio roto, nada más.

En cambio: cuando voy a deshacerme de algún objeto que me haya sido útil por un largo tiempo (herramientas, sobre todo) justo antes de tirarlo a la basura, le digo "gracias" ¡como si fuera una persona! De no hacerlo -según yo- la nueva herramienta no durará tanto. Lo mismo cuando estreno ropa o un nuevo hardware.

Para mi padre los martes 13 eran de "buena suerte", y yo he tratado de pensar igual.

Cuando ponemos la ofrenda de Día de Muertos, al encender las veladoras, una de ellas estará dedicada "al alma solitaria que no tiene quien se acuerde de ella"

Y asì sucesivamente...
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its bad luck to be superstitious
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Governements give me the creeps!!!!
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I'm not superstitious, but I believe in jinxing. "Wow, I've had such good luck lately" *Trips down stairs*. 
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Nah, I do know coincidences happen all the time, but much of that is just a numbers game. But some people will chalk it up to Gods, spirits, rabbits feet etc. 
I tempt the "occult" world daily. Nothing happens, BUT I do know one day the odds of something happening by me continuing to do it, may occur one day, good or bad, or mixed. Just like If I play the lottery on a week I happen to be broke, many things will factor in to me winning it. How broke I am and how many tickets I buy while broke lol. 
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I find superstitions to be dumb. Amusing sometimes, but dumb. For example I ordered 13 cheques from the bank once, for a years rent and a damage deposit. The lady printed me 14 and charged me for 12. I also find it funny that some buildings (especially older ones) will skip floor 13. There will be 12 then 14. Which is dumb too, because labelling the 13th floor as 14 doesn't change the fact that it's the 13th floor...
 I owned a black cat, and she was awesome. Broken mirrors are bad if you step on one. Walking under ladders is just unsafe...
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Silly superstitious writing on the wall?
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Not really about the typical stuff but I will put on my jersey if The Lakers are playing... but I guess that a little more about tradition and getting into the spirit of the game.
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Yes and no.  I'm Asian, so we are a very superstitious people culturally.  While a skeptic, I have an interest in ghosts and the paranormal; ghosts are a big thing in Asian culture. I think ghosts are just ingrained in Asian DNA. I do have a thing for karma; again, another Asian thing. I have a great love for Chinese astrology, even though I know most astrology and divination is bullshit, but I love it all the same; again, it's also culturally.  With this, I believe in negative and positive energies, which is akin to "bad luck" and "good luck," but it's not that cut and dry.  Positive intentions can have negative results, for example.  I don't believe black cats, broken mirrors, unlucky 13, etc.  Yet I am comforted by objects and concepts of "good/positive chi", like Taoist statues, Buddhist statues, symbols of dragons, feng shui, etc.  So, yeah.....yes AND no.
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sometimes i am. depends on the subject
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No, not that stuff. But I do have OCD. The real kind not what you see on TV.
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Karma.  Past, Present, Future, through all lives lived, through the ages.  
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I;m highly superstitious.
I believe in bad luck for the sole fact that that's the only kind of luck I have.

Those who don't believe in such things don't NEED good luck. They already have it.


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NOT AT ALL! :happybounce: I make my own luck
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Get this freakin' poll off my computer screen!  They invoke Satan!

So, no... not really.


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Used to be.  Not so much anymore.
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i think there's some things i'm not willing to play around with. that's for sure
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just a bit...i hold more stock in certain rumors more than others
i really dont believe black cats are bad luck or silly stuff like that xD
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