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Hello you, person reading this ;P
Just needed to speak about a few things, to help understand the "why's" of a couple
of subjects regarding the ever changing levels of activity here.

First, the long lapses of "inactivity",
people point that a lot, a LOT haha but it's not for the reasons you might be thinking.
I don't take sabaticals, I don't retrieve to relax and be with my thoughts.
I can't afford to do that! :D
If you ever see a lack of activity from me, it's very veeeeeeery likley due to issues
related to weather. See, I live in a very very hot place, right infront of the sea.
And working with traditional tools, well.. let's just say the weather doesn't help at all with work.
Behold the understatement of the year, folks! ;P
But there are also other things that factor in. I've got to take care of someone who, saddly
isn't entirely self sufficient, at the moment. Then there's the other job.
Then there's the other family that needs care.
And then there's life.. slightly.

So to all the people who have to wait longer than expected for something I owe you,
I'm sorry :( but it is being worked on,
slowly, veeeeery slowly, but consistently :)
Also, Fall is almost upon us, so yay!

Another thing I wanted to address...
Not long ago I decided to make my X rated commissions public (on pages that allow
that type of work, of course). But I've chickened out from it.
See.. and before anything, please hear this:
I'm not ashamed of making a living out of Adult-oriented work, at all.
And I'll continue to do so until it stops being fun (and paying for my meals!)
In all honestly, I am quite thankful, to be able to do what I love (drawing) for a living.
Even if that's p-o-r-- you know what.

But there is this fear of what having adult work in your resume can do to your still dormant career..
As far as an Illustrator-Artist goes, I'm nobody still. I'm nothing really. Not yet.
And I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, or anything like that.
Seriously, Thank you thank you thank you for the interest!
However, I just can't shake away the idea that making this type of work public can potentially
bite me in the butt later on in my life...
I'm just scared. Maybe if the world was different, and more accepting, things would be different.
But so far, that's not the case :no:
So that type of content shall remain between the client and me, hope you can understand :)

But hey, who knows? maybe in the future things will change and there might be an
opening for this kind of work.
Anything can happen :aww:

And really? it's fine if you either don't get or agree with what I've tried to say here.
Just wanted to explain a few things, so maybe you could understand a little.

With that said, I've got to get back to the desk and keep trying to work against a weather that
seems determined to knock me down hehe

Have a great one, kitties! and be nice! :heart:
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I understand what you mean, don't feel bad about being inactive here. Life out there is more important. We understand you are only human and can't deal with everything all at once. Take your time, deviantart can wait. I wish you luck in your art career :aww:.
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That's very sweet of you! 
Thank you for the very kind words!
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You're very welcome:)
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I am grateful that you are still doing what you are going, yay!

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Awww thanks a bunch for the kind words!
Hope you're doing great, by the way! It's been a while!
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I'm just glad you do check in with us from time to time, you have a lot of challenges but you also make great artwork and that's worth waiting for in my opinion.

Take all the time you need, we'll be here for you
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Thank you so much, Tiki!
That's very sweet of you!
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Thanks for the information, and stay strong, Anya!

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Thanks a bunch, Rudie!
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Things will go your way...personal life, family, health come first.
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Thank you for understanding!
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Pues... es entendible tu ausencia, y debo decir que si se te extraña por aquí, pero pagar las cuentas va primero, no te presiones que el mejor condimento para disfrutar mejor tu arte, es la espera.
Lo del contenido para adultos en tu portafolio de artista, creo ya lo habíamos platicado, y como dije en aquel entonces, se me hace lamentable que la gente que te pudiera contratatar, mantenga esta mentalidad mojigata y retrograda, pero esperare con ansia el día que se reconozca mas tu arte (hey! yo si reconozco que eres muy buena en lo que haces, solo falta mas gente que piense lo mismo) y que puedas publicar libremente lo que te de la gana.
Un saludo, y ojala esta pausa no sea tan larga. pues tu nueva gatubela me encanto!
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Wow, muchas gracias! 
Lamentablemente no creo que ese dia llegue pronto,
Pareciera que la humanidad va hacia atras.
Y la duracion de la pausa depende del clima :(
Ya me anda por poder dibujar agusto sin que corra sudor
todo el cuerpo. Es muy incomodo ja ja.
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I can understand the idea of worrying about the content of the more hardcore work you create, but at the same time, they're human bodies, and if there's eroticism involved, so what? More power to ya, keep doing what you're doing and enjoying it. :D
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Thank you for understanding!
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Yay, good to know you're doing well
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Glad to have you back. And don't worry yourself about your current work. Do what pays the bills. Plus a lot of people in the industry did or still do NSFW stuff either on commission or in their spare time. :) It's not a rare thing.
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Say what? which ones? I wanna see :D
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Oh a bunch of people. Like Rebecca Sugar for one. There's a lot of artists who have it on record. They probably don't do it anymore after they got their own shows, but them doing it didn't prevent it from happening.
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NO WAY! Rebeca sugar did p-o-r-n? :?
Holy crap! I had no clue!!
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It was smutty fan art of cartoons, but you get the point. :) Lot of artists have done it and probably still do. They probably don't ADVERTISE it as much if they're in the industry, but it's not a deal breaker. Not unless you go above and beyond to be disgusting, but that's a completely different topic. XD
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