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Hi everyone! Just needed to let everyone know this before the next fake account pops up.
These are my only accounts. Nothing else (for now)

Deviantart  :iconanyauribe:

Again: Nothing else (for now)

You're welcome to add me if you want, everyone is welcomed! :aww:
Just don't ever interact with the fake ones, please!
I feel that would encourage them.

Please remember this:
I have no patreon, no donation thingies, none of that.
I work only on commissions. Wether it's digital or original artwork but not on donations.
Please don't waste your money to those creeps.

Anyone who has been around me for at least a little while should know this:
I haven't, do not and will NOT ask for donations.  :no:
That's the best way to catch a fake account.

Thank you! :heart:
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FINALLY YOU'RE ON TUMBLR!!!! I will reblog all your shit! :heart:
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:hug: Thanks a bunch!!
What's your name there?? :? I want to follow you :aww:
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esta sí que es información que cura!
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Following the Tumblr! :thumbsup:
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Just sent you a friend request. I use a pseudonym for Facebook so my work doesn't track me =) 
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Accepted it :)
And I hear you, tho it's kind of impossible :blushes: I tried for years! ;P
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Que bueno que lo especificas, porque ese nuevo impostor merece ser denunciado y aplastado. :icondivaplz:
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Muchas gracias Ari! :hug:
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¿Pues que crees? Ya están apoyando... te digo que la gente te quiere bien. 
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