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Hi there, Kitties! :aww:

I have a few questions and doubts to ask you regarding Inks..

Do you want me to post my Inks? Is anyone interested in coloring them? (DD, I know! I know! :lmao: )

And how can I post them for you to download without having people using them as their own for stickers and other sellable stuff and such?

Also, what's the size you need to work with them at best?

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I'd love it if you posted your inks. One way to protect your work you're already doing without noticing, your art style is so unique and memorable that anyone who has seen it will remember it if they see someone trying to pass it off as theirs and hopefully report them. Also by posting them on here first you can prove ownership if they try to sell your work online. Unfortunatly if someone really wanted to rip you off, not posting the inks won't stop them. If I see one of your works that I really want to color that you don't have an ink for, I'll save the picture and spend insane amounts of time and effort on a paint program to pull all the color out, then print it and clean it up by re-inking the lines by hand. If somebody was willing to put the effort into going through the same process for money, then there's not much I can think of that could be done other than turning them in when found out, unless they do it online as I pointed out earlier. Hope that helps, keep up the great work.
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iddd color some
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I'd always love to color your inks, Anya c: 
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i for got to say what size would be best 1000x1000 or higher
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Let me know which ones you want and I'll give you a downlload link because people tend to grab them and make stickers and stuff out of them.
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i love to color your inks im coloring some for your old da page your art style is beautiful
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Thank you very much! :)
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I would love see indeed some new fresh ink to make some teste indeed.^^

Said that I honestly don't know how to protect the picture from not authorized sell from bad intentioned people.  Maybe other more experienced artist ( that sell stuff) could help you.

I hope to see new from you and new inks too. :meow: Good luck there.
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no worrie.:) good luck with inks.
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Well sis, I am late, so I'm all for inks. :D 
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It's not a bad idea to post up your inked images, if just to see what people can do with them for colors. 
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YES!! Please upload inks!!! Always upload inks!! :nod: :giggle:

I love your inks!! Not only to color them, but I just love sketches/inks! Your versions are always so pretty!! 
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Aww Thanks Trishie! :aww:
You can always get any lines you want from me,
just let me know and I'll stash them for you, kay?
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Thankies anya!

You are the best!!!

Will do!! I LOVE them!! I just wish I could get some free time so I can color!!! :(

Your lines are what inspired me to color!!! :nod: :love:
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I always like seeing someone step through their process.  
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Anya,  has considerado abrir un folder en Dropbox o Box para ésto?  Podés escoger con quién lo compartís, y si pueden editar, solo ver, bajarlo, etc.
Nada va a evitar que haya gente deshonesta, pero la gente es perezosa, y si tienen que pedirlo posiblemente no se les haga tan fácil apropiarse tu trabajo.
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Se puede eso aqui?
No sabia de eso de "dropbox". Es como "stash"?
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Dropbox es un servicio con el cual hacés una cuenta, y tenés un "disco" en la nube.  Dentro de ese "disco" podés hacer folders y controlar como se comparten las cosas.  Es sencillo de usar.

El website es
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Wow, eso seria genial :D
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Ahem... (aclarando garganta para hablar con "voz de hombre")

¡Pero claro que por supuesto que obviamente que desde luego que siii!

Ya en serio, tus linearts siempre han sido muy bien recibidos. Ahora bien, para proteger tu "propiedad intelectual", pudieras intentar lo siguiente: publicar la version thumb -escaneada en 50dpi, por ejemplo- y decir "Ask me for larger version"

Si yo coloreara un dibujo tuyo seria como si yo garabateara sobre la Gioconda...
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Ari! :)
Tengo tanto sin saber de ti, pense que ya no usabas DA :(

Sip, de hecho creo que terminare haciendo eso.
Es lo mas logico y seguro.
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