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Catwoman by NoDiceMike Catwoman by NoDiceMike

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Catwoman Pole Dance by MaleVolentSamSon
R3Catwoman by TULIO19mx

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The Captivating Catwoman!  by PJToon75

Hello everyone! :aww:
I missed Selina's 75th Birthday a while ago due to some problems that just kept my mind elsewhere.. :shrug:
But there still is time to celebrate :nod: (even though it's close to the 80th by now :XD: )
And after how crazy this year has been for some of us, why not focus on something positive and celebrate something we love?
Okay, so I don't even know if anyone is going to participate :lmao:
As I haven't started a Jam in.. years? but I am sure as hell going to at least try :star:
It's no secret I Adore Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman :love:
And I also happen to Love art JAMS (Yeah.. I :heart: a lot of things :blushes: )
So why not mix both? :giggle:
So basically...


Catwoman has been with us for almost a century, stealing anything her heart desires.. including our hearts :batman:
She has crossed paths with just about every hero-villain-etc out there, and has played both the villain and the hero
Selina is the truest epitome of a Femme Fatale, Anti-hero and Cat Burglar.
and there have been countless incarnations, outfits and depictions, so there's plenty of where to choose from
so the inspiration is virtually everywhere :dance:
Any drawing, pin up, page, etc that features Catwoman is welcomed :squee:
Jim Balents costume is my absolute favorite but you can choose whichever you preffer :thumbsup:
I would appreciate if you could add this journal in the description of the piece
Hope to see you around :happybounce:
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Mature Content

Catwoman Pole Dance by Psygcosis507

How's this for a purrrrvy look?
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AWESOME!!! Can't wait for more Catwoman art, especially the purple pieces. ;)
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I know, right?? I'm soo excited!! :squee:
I just hope people are okay with a whole month with Selina :omg:
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Whoever's NOT okay with a whole month with Selina can get the fuck out!!! We love our kitty queen!!! :heart:
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;P I wish more people would think like that!
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When is the deadline?
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There isn't one :)
At least until the next Jam I hope :aww:
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I might have already done a piece for this... 

Catwoman by NoDiceMike
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Holy--!! That is Awesome! :aww:
Thanks a bunch!! :love:
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Pero ¿hay límite de tiempo y/o imágenes?
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Super! :aww:
Para nada, tomate tu tiempo y las que quieras :)
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Para empezar, debo tener alguna imagen ya lista... eso creo...
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If I get the time to do it I'm down for it!
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Cool! Let´s do it! 
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