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A HUGE apology!
I've been absent for soo long :blushes:
Holy sh--

Long story short, as if things weren't bad already, Mom broke her arm, so naturally I'm the nurse, cook and maid. Sincé my sister has a new boyfriend to spend her time with :roll:
So I barely get any time to breathe.

I have a TON of stuff from months ago but I haven't even gotten the time to fully commit.
I'm so so sorry!

To anyone I owe something to, It'll be completed soon, honestly :nod:
If not I'll sleep with you :XD:

Thanks a lot for the patience!

Thank you thank you thank you!! :heart:

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Hope you are ok. :hug:
You do not owe me any commissions or anything at all, but if you ever just want to cuddle... :XD:
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D: I hope things get better with your mom and it's ok. I've been busy ever since freshman year of college. @_@
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Damn, now I wish you owed me something. Curses! :aww:
Hope your mom gets well soon. Don't go damaging yourself now either 'kay.
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huh...dang i wish i'd have 20 back up commish with you right now.... the sleepy part is intriguing.
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que se mejore tu mama tomate tu tiempo 
aqui te esperamos
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sigues debiendo los dibujos de Starlight desde hace AÑOS
Un saludo a tu mamá no se te olvide decirle :3
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That's OK it's understandable, I hope your moms arm gets beater soon. :)
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Yikes, sounds like a lot to keep on top of there, good luck keeping it together.
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i hope your mom gets better soon
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
No hace falta que te disculpes. La familia viene primero.
Que tu mamá mejore pronto.
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hey no probs, just glad you're still here on dA:)
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¡Mujer! Muchos ánimos! :)

¡Cuídense mucho! :hug:
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Señorita enfermera, acá está su camillero a sus órdenes.
Ya en serio, espero que estén lo mejor posible.
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Pues: A darrrle atomos. Digo a hecharle ganas :)
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Hope your mom gets better soon!
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Ooooh, I wouldn't mind the cuddling. :3

Seriously though, take all the time needed for your current situation. Hope to speak with you soon. :)
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Hope your mom gets better soon.
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hope your mother get better soon :D 
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Funny story. My sister broke her arm one time as a kid the entire family (herself included) didn't realize it was broken until like a day later.  :D

At least your mom probably got medical attention a lot sooner. So that's something to be grateful for. 
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it's fine as long as you're okay.
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At least your okay and hopefully things are getting back to normal.
Hang in there  !!  :heart:
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