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Can you name them all without cheating? ;P
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Let's see.

The walffle nosebleed girl is Eleven from Stranger Things then there's Darth Vader Mewtwo Jean Grey I'm guessing the red girl is Carrie from the Stephen King book and I can't tell who the girl with the red bow is.
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Girl with Red bow is Maltida
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Only Jean Grey/ Darth vader and mewtwo
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At this point, any telekinetic will have the trademark of nosebleed if they use too much their power. Don't you think?
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So true!! ;P
The future generations will claim it all started with "Stranger Things" :XD:
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I got Jean Gray, Darth Vader, Mewto, and I was guessing the all-red one was Carrie.  Great work.
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That's right! pretty good! :aww:
Thank you! :bow:
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I would have guessed Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service for the one to Jean's left, but Kiki is not telepathic.
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Yup, everyone seemed to think that as well :XD:
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No sabes el gusto y placer que me da encontrar un nuevo trabajo tuyo. Y como siempre, en tu arte se combinan a la perfección el talento, el humor y las referencias.
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:hug: Ari! Y tu no sabes el gusto que me da saber que estas en contacto :aww:
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I got 4 outta 6. I missed Carrie and Kiki on the first pass.
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That's pretty good :nod: :thumbsup:
But that's matilda ;P
Several people confused her though :ashamed:
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No problem!
I had no idea who she was. I only said Kiki because someone else did, and I thought THEY got it right!
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Mewtwo, Darth Vader, Carrie, Kiki (from Kiki's Delivery Service), Jean Grey....5 out of 6 isn't bad, if I say so myself! (I believe the character they are looking at is from the show Stranger Things, but I don't know her name or a lot about the show -- unlike the other 5)
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That's actually pretty good :aww:
But that's Matilda, not Kiki :blushes:
And yup, that's eleven from stranger things :nod:
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Jajaja primero confundí a Matilda con la brujita Kiki y a Carrie no la ubiqué que estaba bañada en sangre todavía ^^ me falta ver más bax xD
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Hahaha Tienes toda la razon, si se parecen! :lmao:
Pero muchos no supieron en mis otros perfiles, asi que no estas solo ;P
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por lo menos eso me sirve de consuelo xD
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no but I recognize the talent mizz
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