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I don´t kow the characters but suggest the guy is named "Luke Cage", huh?

All the best and hugs,

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Está tan salado el chiste que no puedo evitar reirme. :lmao:
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funny! and super cute!
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Thank you very much! :aww:
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I'm so happy to see you drawing more!!!

are you taking art trades by any chance?
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Funny thing is, I'm always drawing haha,
But commissions suck most of my time,
so I don't get to work on my own stuff as much or trades and such,
and since adult oriented work isn't allowed in most places.. 
everyone thinks I don't draw.. when I actually do it everyday :D
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Hot damn, TV Misty knight has nothing on Comics Misty knight!
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Yep, the source material is always better ;P
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Ugh, my spleen!

:D  It is a good pun, though, and your art brings it to life.
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;P Thankies very much!
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Good one. Just like to refer to Misty in Pokemon terms as a dark fighting type cerulean gym has nothing on
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Thanks! :)
Ha! That did cross my mind, but I thought it would have been a little too silly, even for me...
Maybe I was wrong, and I should draw the pair ;P
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Luke de comediante... no, eso si está pelón. 
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Hail the return of the awful puns from Anya!  In the 1990s, he was reintroduced in The Punisher for a brief story arc, and then he had his own series which didn't last too long.  I'm glad Cage and Iron Fist are teaming up again on TV like they did in their comic back in the 1970s.

Great work, and I love the pun, even if Misty doesn't.
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Is that the story where Frank suddently becomes black? :?
That is one of the craziest things I've ever seen :omg:

Thank you!! :aww:
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